Thursday, January 30, 2014

Johnny's First Kayak

This is a side picture of Base Camp from Caveman Ranch on the other side of the Colorado River. Once a week or so Tom has been taking Johnny groceries and whatever other supplies he might need. It's a one hour drive to town on the road you can see above Base Camp along the side of the cliff in the background. Then a one hour drive to Caveman Ranch. Then repeat on the way back. The 500 feet across the river is an 85 mile and four hour drive with much of it jeep roads. On Wednesday after messing with Zorro, Johnny and Tom with most of the ice in the river gone kayak all of Johnny's groceries across saving Tom four hours of driving. Tom's kayak was a little lower in the water with two 30 packs of beer in it but he made it.


Unknown said...

It never ceases to amaze me how beer is such a motivator. Good job Johnny. One might ask why it has taken you boys so long to figure this arrangement out?

Tom said...

Ice in the river. Been talking about it for awhile but didn't think the kayaks could break through the ice. Ice is gone.

Unknown said...

Well not drowning has been a great start as well has hanging on to the beer. I would say your off to a good start. Of course you could always put life jackets around the 30 packs and locate them downstream. Beer hunting would be a new adventure.