Monday, November 30, 2020

The Monolith is not mine

Here's everything I know. It was about a mile north of the intersection of Lockhart Canyon and Lockhart Basin. It's been there a long time. I know some one who graffitied it about six or eight years ago and somebody else that told the BLM it was there but no one cared until it got popular. It's gone. I don't know where it went or who did it. San Juan County called me this morning and ask if I had gotten any business from people coming to look at the Monolith. I said "No." It's 20 miles south down a very difficult Lockhart Basin and you're better to come in from the south end. Weighs about 400 pounds and you got to carry it about a half mile or better to get it there. San Juan said they had quite a few people show up and stay in Monticello motels going to look for it and if it showed up again would bring a bunch of people in. I repeat. It's not mine, I didn't put it there, I didn't take it.

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