Friday, November 20, 2020

Even More Stuff

 I'm out looking at desert weed circles and if I'm interested well of course Jax is interested. This is weird, his face is in the picture I posted but doesn't show up on the blog.

I'm driving back from town Wednesday and I see the cowboys setting up their camp on the other side of Hurrah so the cows are coming. I swing by to say hi and ask what day they are bringing the cows over so I can close my gates and put signs out. They say within the next week. On Thursday some guys show up to play disc golf and say it took 2.5 hours to get here because they got caught up in a herd of cows coming over Hurrah, saw my gate was closed and assumed this wasn't the place and kept going. I comp the guys the round of disc and ran out and put the We're Open, close gate sign up so no check ins missed the turn.

This morning I'm cooking bacon and a guest's dog is pretending like he doesn't smell it but is working it's way towards the front door which is open. I start saying "noooooooo" and stretch it out. Dog is inching closer. I say "noooooooooo". Dog is on the side walk now approaching the stairs. Jax blows by me snarling and growling and the three times his size dog freezes. I could see Jax's face staring in to the eyes of the dog. "He said no. No, means no."

Jupiter is still pretty bright in the night sky and Saturn has just about caught up to it but not nearly as bright anymore. Mars however is shooting across the sky and will probably catch both of them in the next few weeks and they'll all be fairly close together.
About a month ago I had a 100 hot dog night. The foxes just kept coming. I think it was Tuesday night I'd gone through 40 hot dogs in about ten minutes. Seven ringtails were in the rafters, a couple skunks under the porch, a few raccoons here and there, but the foxes were everywhere. In less than half an hour we were at 85 hot dogs and then everything just quit. No more anybody showed up. I thought maybe the mountain lion showed up because it's almost that time but the last two nights things are back to normal 40 to 50 hot dogs.

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