Thursday, November 12, 2020

San Diego

I've dropped Linda and Kobae off in San Diego and am getting ready to drive back tonight as I'm mostly full for the weekend. As always the city is interesting. I had the truck worked on today and while they were waiting for parts I cleaned it out and when I went to the trash can to throw the garbage away there was no handle or anything on it or the lid. Lady sitting in the waiting room smiled and said "Wave your hand over it but don't touch it." I did and it opened.

I always pick up trash when I'm out hiking with Kobae but here there's a lot more lying on the ground and the one thing I see the most are discarded masks. Everyone is wearing a mask. Many of them even if they are walking out side. I walked in to get a haircut today and the sign said "Sign In." I took a pen out of the cup and did so. There was another sign that said "Put soiled pens in the box." What soiled pen? My touching it to sign it soiled it?
I went to the drive through line at Taco Bell and the guy took the cash and the next window reached out and gave me a plastic box with a sack in it. So I took the box and set it down on the front seat. He says "You're not suppose to keep the box. You're just suppose to take the sack out of it." I handed him the box back. He looked pissed.
I was close to Target so I went there to get my San Diego shopping done. As I put everything on the counter the lady rang it all up and I paid cash. I stood there looking at her and she said "Did you want a bag for all of that?" I said "I don't think I can hand carry it all." She said "You should have said something because bags are ten cents." I said "Really?" She said "You didn't know? Here I'll just give you a bag but now you know."
As Kobae and I are walking around the San Diego neighborhood there was a sign on a fence at one of the houses that said "Whoever the POS was that ratted on us because our fence wasn't set back exactly ten feet is an asshole." Or something like that.

I got to read a little the last two days out hiking with Kobae. The Paradox Cafe. Chinle Miller. About Bud Shumway a Sheriff in Green River. It's pretty funny stuff the way they talk and I know 20 guys just like it. Driving through the high desert a couple of nights ago on the way here we were listening to the Highway Station, I think it was 102.5 and two of their self promotion commercials went like this. "Still the only radio station in the desert to not take a cousin to the prom." The second one was "Still the only radio station in the desert that hasn't kissed it's sister."

Time to drive back. Got 12 hours in front of me.

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Leah said...

Love Chinle Miller's mystery series; her other writing is just as enjoyable. Check out Desert Rat when you finish up the series.