Thursday, November 12, 2020

Linda and Kobae

The sun has set on Linda and Kobae's time at Base Camp. Kobae always goes back to San Diego just before the cold weather but we've had two light snow falls already so it is time.

Linda read my blog post three months ago that Tami was leaving and I needed help running the place and said she'd come out for a couple weeks. That was 11 weeks and hundreds of working hours ago. 

Thirty or so years ago we were building an indoor soccer facility in Salt Lake and Linda's parents, both in their 60s were working at the facility. Her dad Albert was fabricating and welding all the poles that go into the concrete floors to hold the dasher boards up and her mom Susan was drilling the holes to put them in. We set there for a minute not far from them amazed at their work ethic. Now we're deep into our 60s and working just as hard. 

Linda has been amazing with the work ethic and hours she has put in at the lodge and an integral part of three months of the best numbers the property has ever seen. People in the past who have worked there get a mention in the reviews occasionally but Linda got more compliments in 11 weeks than some who worked here for a year. Thank you Linda.

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