Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Days are Good

 Things are slowing down a little and I've been out hiking with Kobae and Jax four or five days in a row. We let Kobae get in front of us and then Jax goes and finds him. He likes it.

The nights are magical. Lots of critters most nights. Always a couple baby skunks and usually one each night runs down the porch and steals a hot dog out of a raccoon bowl before they get here. Once the moon comes up the fox don't like being here or anywhere out of their holes. I walked outside a couple nights ago and there were five ringtails in the rafters. I made four perfect hot dog throws and they each got their hot dog on the first throw. It took three throws to get the last one. Still a pretty good throw night. Sixty or seventy hot dogs are leaving the porch every night and the foxes are getting most of them but once the moon comes up they're mostly gone.

Red winged blackbirds are starting to talk a little more. Always takes them a while to get warmed up each year.

We're hiking over towards the sand hill after leaving Doug's hogan and I see a side by side on top of the hill with a man and woman outside it hugging watching the sunset and admiring the view. Jax sees them too and right as he reaches them from behind Kobae and I drop down behind a sand dune but still headed that way. I can hear them talking about where did the dog come from and where are the owners. Then I hear the woman say "We should take it with us." Kobae and I come over the hill right at that moment as she picked Jax up. He was struggling to get out of her arms and jumped down and came running over.

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