Friday, November 20, 2020

More Stuff

The last rain storm beat the reeds down in the pond and they formed sort of a dome on top of the pond. When I went over to pump water into the pond I heard all the red-winged blackbirds under the dome talking and whispering. As the pond kept filling up they got louder and irritated. I got it about half way full and called it a day. I wondered where flocks of 100 or so birds sleep and I now have one answer.

I think of all the hikes I enjoy the Skinny People one the most. The varied terrain. The wonderment on guest's faces. It's been probably 10 or 12 years since a four of year old Linny and I wandered into the maize and Linny said "Tom, I think skinny people use to live here."

It always happens this way. This time it was some folks in a Jeep Cherokee chewing my ass about how hard the road is to get here and how I mislead them and've heard it before. Then a couple, the third time this has happened, pulled up in a Prius.

Had two kids here who love turtle and tortoise and this is their review. After meeting Kobae. "Dad says we're coming back." "Best trip ever." "Best moment of my life."

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