Monday, November 30, 2020

Hiking Hurrah

 I drove a guest vehicle up Hurrah for them yesterday and Jax and I hiked back. I was a little surprise at how busy it was. Something new this year is tricked up side by sides with huge speakers on them and lights blinking all over resembling a police vehicle almost. In the last week I've seen 20 something of them with Hispanic occupants, music cranked up to the sky, and lights flashing everywhere. Five of them passed Jax and I on our way down Hurrah.

You can tell weekend warriors from seasoned drivers. The weekend warriors keep cranking the gas up, then letting off, cranking up so their vehicles is in a herky jerky movement all the time where the people that have been doing this a long time have a fluid motion and don't make much noise with just a slight off and on of the throttle.

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