Monday, January 15, 2018

Sunday Morning

Jax and I are, more me probably, are looking for ravens, big horn, or anything unusual we might run across. To continue mapping where the ravens live we start a mile or so from Prommel Oil Well #1, long since closed and sealed nearly 90 years ago. Immediately we run across two wooden stakes high on boulders where the phone line split from the oil well with one line going to the river where they unloaded supplies and the other to Jackson Ladder, all the way up, and into town.

After a mile or so of hiking we come across this pile of shale. Didn't see it anywhere else, just this small pile.
After another mile or so we head back toward the road and run across another stake from the phone line just off of the road.

Not far from out return to Prommel we run across a clearing site that doesn't show up on any maps as drilling for an oil well but here it is and it's pretty clear.

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