Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year's Day Hike

Michelle said she'd be out to pick up Jax on Jan 2nd so I wanted to get him a good hike before he left. Guests checked out of the lodge early and by 11am or so we hit the red dirt. We hiked up the river cliffs above Last Hurrah all the way to the Grand County/San Juan County dividing line in Jackson Hole and then cut over the to the road and took it back. Five hours and some change. Instead of running off the road to go check things out constantly Jax began conserving energy the last mile or two on the way back and when we reached the lodge he went inside, went to the office, got in his bed and went to sleep. Usually he comes in with a toy and want to play keep away but that didn't happen last night. He is so red and orange and has so much stuff stuck to him it's unlikely Michelle will recognize her designer (desert) dog when she next sees him.

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cyn said...

All photos are stunners, but some are extraordinary. Poor Jax; he will be bored for a while.