Saturday, January 6, 2018

Just Some Stuff

Johnny, of across the river Caveman Ranch for 13 years fame called a month or so ago and said he needed a job. Boy do I have one. So, he's been working here catching up on all the things I didn't get done over the last few months after the online listings got the lodge and Last Hurrah extremely booked and busy.

Tuesday night Johnny and I are watching tv in the living room when all of a sudden Jax jumps off the couch and starts running back and forth from front door to back door barking. Usually he just does that stuff when Johnny stands up and gets in some sort of martial arts one legged swan karate thing and then Jax goes nuts and starts running around in circles 100 miles per hour, maybe a little faster.

I grab a headlamp and head for the front door. Jax runs around the lodge real fast, stops, take a poop, runs around the lodge real fast three more times, then comes inside and goes back to sleep on the couch. Maybe last weeks dive off the roof did more damage than I thought.

Over the holidays the lodge and the main house at Last Hurrah were both full. As 16 or so guests were checking into the lodge one of the ladies said "Almost everybody here is getting over something." Turns out whatever various colds, sinus, and throat issues they were almost over, I caught them all. Despite my weakened condition I decided on Wednesday to hike up to Hurrah and back to get Jax in another good hike before he departed. We get about 1,000 feet past the Base Camp sign and Jax stops suddenly, stares for three or four minutes at the Anti-Cline cliffs to our right, then comes running back to me and starts jumping up and down on me, then heads back down the road for the lodge, constantly turning back to make sure I'm following him. Jax has been out here a long time as I have and I suspect, like I do, he senses things sometimes, hard to say if it's something that's not right, something that's going to happen, or something that isn't suppose to be here. Maybe he has a feeling that something happened to Johnny so I follow him back to the lodge and Johnny is cleaning rooms and he's fine. Jax goes in the office and goes to sleep on my desk.
On Thursday, my cold has gone from a six on the Richter scale to a 481. Still I want to get out and a couple vehicles show up during the day to play disc golf so Jax and I hang with them for an hour or so.
Two of them don't think their car will make it over Hurrah so through the binoculars I see them get out of their vehicle and start walking down Hurrah Pass. Jax and I head over to Last Hurrah, get the Polaris side by side, drive up and give them a ride and later after their round, take them back. When people have that much heart that they are willing to hike five miles round trip to play how can you not give them a ride?
With Johnny now taking care of the cleaning and maintenance I'm getting ready for the season starting end of February. Usually this time of year I have about $5,000 in advance bookings but I went over $30,000 this morning so probably going to double last year's revenue again. I'm cleaning the office out and getting it more organized and I come across this. My bottle of pee that I've put away for Jane Fonda in case I die before her and don't get to make a personal tribute on her grave. Been sitting on the top shelf for a couple years since I had an incident where I thought I was dying and therefore making it more difficult to visit her in person.
While I won't personally get to express my gratitude for her thought process during Viet Nam I went on Amazon and after reading the reviews "works as advertised", "American Legion and VFW loved them", "not one complaint since installed", "visit her daily". 100% rating. Wow, so I bought 20 of them. Feel better already.

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