Monday, January 15, 2018


Michelle pulls up in the jeep and Jax jumps out. Michelle says "He's making me feel guilty by staring down the driveway all morning waiting for you to show up and take him hiking so here he is. Take him hiking." Jax heads down the driveway. He wants to lead this morning. The wind is blowing from the south and there is something from the south that interests him. After 20 minutes of Jax going all different directions he's decided what he's looking for is back in the finger canyons so that's where we head.

Looking up underneath the former raven's nest I notice sticks untouched on the ground from the nest and of course the orange rope they have stolen off the straw bales around the Base Camp fire pit. This nest has been abandoned.

As we're exiting the fingers we hear three large booms. A massive size boulder has rolled down a few hundred feet from us. Jax and I climb up on the rock formation the big horn was on a few weeks ago to get a better look at the Anti-Cline and see if we can determine where the large rock was that came down but all is quite now.

As we get to the bottom of the rock formation on our journey back to the lodge we come across big horn scat stuck together and one set of tracks. Our friend that Jax tried to play with a couple weeks ago is pregnant. We'll have to find the herd soon if we want to see babies like last year.

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