Sunday, January 7, 2018

Even More Stuff

We've set the date for this year's disc golf tournament. It's March 10th and as like last year it will be a no drivers tournament. There will be the usual 18 holes with four to six more baskets on the long holes to eliminate drivers. Then it's going to spill over to a new back 12 to 18 more holes on the recently acquired property and finish back on the original Hole 18. So, somewhere around 40 or so holes. I want to see how the property holds up before making 18 to 36 more holes permanent.
Our web page and email hosting company is going out of business so we're switching to a new location. Soon, within the week probably you may not be able to find us until the settings are redone. The address won't change, it just takes a day or two sometimes for the web to adjust to our new location. If after a couple days you can't find us, click out of your browser and then back in again and we should show up.

A few weeks ago Rachel and I managed to find all the parts and put the tube worm back together. At one time, years ago, Linny and I had named him, but I can't find the posting.

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