Monday, January 29, 2018

My Best Friend in the Whole World

On Friday I drove up to Salt Lake to see Linny. On Friday and Saturday nights we went to hockey games at the Maverick Center. On Friday night we saw a lot of this and we won. On Saturday night we didn't see very much of that and we lost. Then we saw some of this, it's not hockey without it.

Saturday afternoon Linny and I dropped by Salt Lake Indoor Soccer. The first facility we ever opened back in 1987. It was an old building then and then we put 30 more years of indoor in it. A new hospital opened up five or so years ago just a block away and we got an offer for this building for twice what we thought it was worth so they can demo it and make doctor offices out of it. I walked Linny around the building and told her the stories of what we had to go through in those days to get a facility open when nobody had even heard of indoor soccer. Marketing was calling people in the phone book with long last names hoping they were from some foreign country and knew what soccer was. Thirty years worth of stories. This building is slated for closing later this year and the teams moved to a new facility we built not too far away. Will be a sad day. I ask the staff to call me when they knew the date of closing so I could drive down and attend the last game. Linny played her first indoor soccer game there and she was emotional as well.

Time to get back to the lodge and say goodbye to my best friend. Almost fifteen years of being best friends.

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