Saturday, January 13, 2018

Friday: In Search of

Third try. Jax and I sit on the front porch and listen. We hear ravens off in the distance somewhere. Determine the direction it's coming from and then head out to see if we can find where they live or gather. We start out towards Jackson Hole, park, head for the cliffs, and the ravens take flight almost immediately. We hike a mile or so along the bottom of the cliffs, come out at the abandoned and capped Prommel Oil Well #1 from back in the last 20's and then again in the late 50's. I read of their venture there of the 20's and while finding no mention of them returning in the 50's I found numerous soda bottles there of all different types and reading the bottoms of the soda bottles they were all dated 1957, 1958, and 1959. Then we hike back to the side by side finding no sign of the departed ravens who left as we arrived though hundreds of feet above us. They've never done that before. In the past when I have found them they have continued to dive, swoop, and roll off the air bouncing off the cliffs and up draft. Now that I'm searching for them, they somehow know, and don't want to be found.

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