Thursday, October 22, 2020


Where just a month or so ago Jax and I would head out hiking at 7am to avoid the heat now we wait until about 8:30 for the sun to hit the lodge. The biggest change has been the sun which keeps moving south this time of year has begun coming up behind the Anti-Cline which instead of changing by about one minute per day suddenly changed about 15 minutes and then 20 more. 

The cowbirds have departed and the very same day the red-winged blackbirds showed up. I was pumping water yesterday at the pond by the main house and found them all sleeping in the reeds I was going to cut down. 

A couple of Haydukers came by for the first time since spring while I was in town but Linda wasn't able to get their trail names.

For numbers the lodge didn't just catch up with same time last year numbers after all the Co-vid cancellations it blew by them and then blew bye last year's total numbers by $12,000 so far. I think I'm going to finish up by $40,000 to $50,000 over 2019.
Probably the best possible financial news I could get I got. When I bought Last Hurrah next door I wound up with a substantial balloon payment, about $1.5 million due in January of 2022. A couple days ago I got a term sheet offer for a refinance that will pay that balloon off. Still depends on an appraisal and an environmental report but there's nothing I know of to cause a problem. It's a big relief.

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