Monday, October 5, 2020

Side by side

All of mine are still beat up. The new engine came in and leaked so got sent back. The transmission for the other one is on back order. So to keep my word to guests I've been renting from in town at way more than I'm charging. I'm over $4,000 deep in side by side rental and doing it again tomorrow. I made the decision tonight. I'm not doing side by side rentals next year. It's too costly, too time consuming, and too stressful. I'll negotiate the best deal I can in town for them and Jeeps and let guests make the decision. Part of my deal in town is that if they get someone who will pay full price, and it's not hard, all the rental places in town are booked solid, then they call me and I have to have it back by 5pm. That happened last Friday so I had to rush it in town and then catch a ride back with Kathy who is giving rides out here for $125 so I got one. On the way, coming over Hurrah we found this in the evening setting of the sun. Courtesy Kathy.

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