Saturday, October 10, 2020

Still Learning

 I think the first vacancy I have at the lodge is around the 20th and the 1st vacancy next door around the 7th or 8th of November. It's been an amazing run. 

In the past I rarely read the reviews that people wrote about the lodge and myself but I've done a better job at it this year so I can keep up with any criticism and solve it early or if I can't solve it at least explain it.
There have been two criticisms of the lodge. The maintenance and up keep and they are correct. Someone checks out at 11am and we get four or five check outs and check ins that day. You go in a room to clean it and there's a coffee stain on the carpet but there's no time to shampoo it, new guests are already on their way. Linda is going in and getting all the important stuff and washing down walls and doors or places that people might touch or been touched by previous guests but a dust web in the ceiling corner, dirt on the fan blades, and those types of things are not getting handled. There's a sink rusting, some small ceiling water damage, railings needing painting and those types of things that we're slacking on. Linda gave me her time sheet and the hours are outrageous. There aren't days off. It's not even thought about.

What's left of the balanced rock on Hole 13 of the original course.

This one doesn't seem fair but the more things you offer the more things you have to be criticized for. A competitor lists a nice place to sleep and it appears to be. I offer a nice place to sleep, an animal show, Kobae, Jax, hiking, climbing, kayaks, side by sides, a night sky, and incredible scenery. If there's snow melt and the beach is gone, or the side by side breaks down, or it's a cloudy sky, if even just one of ten things doesn't happen the other guy gets a five and I get a four. I'm close to $5,000 in side by side rentals in town but one day the rental company needed it back and I didn't have a side by side for a few days and somebody comments bring your own side by side. I"m thinking the most expensive, least appreciated, most criticized things I'll get rid of.

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