Saturday, October 10, 2020

Moab 240

The Moab 240 came through today and we were the aid station at the 34 mile mark of 240 miles. Here is the live tracking of who is where.

Some exceptional runners. Most when they got here looked like they hadn't started running yet. David Goggins was in about 5th when he came through. Black shorts on the left of the picture. Worth looking him up and his book "Can't Hurt Me".

One of the runners ask for something a bit more visible to make sure the parts of the road where they shared with the side by sides he was easier to see so I hooked him up. If you're reading this I want it back when you're done. I'm not kidding. Took me forever to find that.
As the day wound down there were three runners in tough shape. I got a call to go get a guy that had collapsed at Jackson Ladder and probably only I could have got out there in the truck. Before leaving the medic informed me there were two more that might need transport to the hospital. Over the HAM radio we got called that a SAR side by side had picked up the injured runner at Jackson Ladder and was bringing him to me for transport to Moab Regional. When they got to the lodge the other two runners were recovering but the medic said this one needed immediate transfer. I had them call the ambulance company and tell them to come this way as I'm going that way and hopefully we'll meet in the middle and they were waiting at the far side of Hurrah when I got there with the struggling runner.

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