Monday, October 5, 2020

Jax is too efficient and got a hair cut

 Jax job use to be patroling the parking lot for rock squirrels. At one time I counted 37 and now I think I have three and usually I see them off in the distance up toward the mud huts. He didn't kill or even hurt any of them he just chased them so much it's not worth being anywhere near the lodge or the parking lot. 

Now his new job is to keep the nightly feeding of the Little People under control. It's imperative the skunks stay in their area, the foxes in theirs, ringtails in theirs and for sure the raccoons in their area. If somebody wanders Jax sits out on the sidewalk at night and chases anybody that strays. Mainly the raccoons. He was getting bored with his new job but now he takes a hot dog and leaves it a few feet from him as bait to see if anybody tries to cheat. If a little person starts to stray toward the hot dog he chases them right back into their area. He's amazingly efficient at it.

He's pretty much mastered this job also. Sometimes he gets bored and goes in the lodge. He knows I'll call him if somebody cheats. While I'm feeding and explaining critter life to guests on the front porch each night I look into the living room and his rug where he has one eye open in case I need him. He always has that "put me in coach, I can play center field".

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