Sunday, October 22, 2017

Wednesday: Mad Bro and Steffi and Andy

Last week both of the Kymco side by sides went down the same day. A rear axle was broken on the trail for the third time this year and kudos to Mad Bro knowing how busy I am that they pulled a trailer all the way out here to take it to town and get fixed for me. Later in the day the second one wouldn't start. Melinda, a guest staying here, in addition to taking Kobae for a hike one day (tortoise herder) also added being towed in a side by side by a side by side over Hurrah Pass to her resume.  Mad Bro pulled a trailer out to the other side of Hurrah and again picked up one of the side by sides. I told them next weekend I was full and I had to have at least one of them back so I'd have at a minimum two side by sides for two houses full of guests, two hogans, and five rooms at the lodge.

On Wednesday Mad Bro called to say one of the Kymcos was ready and they'd trailer it out here Wednesday evening. Right after that I got an email from a guest saying they had gotten a compact car at the rental company and didn't think they could get out here. I told them to go to Mad Bro, pick up the side by side and drive it out on Thursday. Then I emailed Mad Bro to tell them somebody was going to come get it and not to bring it out.

Wednesday evening I'm cleaning rooms on the back porch and I forgot to take my walkie with me. When I walk inside the lodge and head for the front door I see the blue Kymco sitting outside. At first I don't understand what I'm looking at. When I walk outside there it is and there are fresh truck and trailer tire tracks in the driveway. I'm thinking they must not have read their email. I jump in the side by side and catch Luke about a third of the way up Hurrah. Tell him I sent him an email but I need the side by side back in Moab so guests can drive it out tomorrow. I feel bad knowing he just spent a couple hours out and back to deliver it being the full service people they are but we load it up and they take it back. I wave goodbye, turn around and realize I'm walking back to Base Camp.

A man and woman pull up on bicycles and I ask them where they're going.....down Lockhart? They say they left Alaska in June and they are on the way to Chile. I think they mean Chinle in Arizona. They say, no, Chile. It's the Pan American Bicycle Trail and now it comes through here. Oh boy. Like I don't have to do enough rescues and water drops down Lockhart Basin. I offer to put them up at Base Camp and oh by the way while you're there if you see any guests ask them to come get me in the Polaris. They do and DJ does.

Steffi and Andi have been on the road for 19,000 miles and not gotten a flat but they got two coming down Hurrah. Here's some people with heart. So in the morning they change out two flats with Kobae's help and they're off down Lockhart. You can follow them at

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You have some strange happenings, meet some unusual and some strong people, and see wondrous sights.