Sunday, October 29, 2017

Saturday (Jax is on Crack)

We hiked most of Saturday afternoon. Lots of vehicles stopped to take pictures of the guy with the big back pack hiking with a small dog and a large tortoise. Jax jumped in almost every vehicle to lick their faces and say hi and Kobae went over to each vehicle the people thought to say hi but in fact was chasing Jax until Jax disappeared inside the vehicles or side by side. Still many people were touched by them both coming to say hi so I said nothing. When we went into the dead end canyon Kobae tried to climb stuff he can't climb and Jax found a piece of napkin or toilet paper buried and dug it up. Normally you'd think it was buried for a reason but in this case it much have had crack in it because Jax was crazy after that and in turn made Kobae crazy.

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