Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Twelve Days

The days are blowing by. It's so busy. Twelve days since I posted. If I tried to remember everything that happen there'd be no chance. There is almost no day that there aren't guests checking in and checking out. There's a couple rooms to clean every day and trying to stay free to put guests in the river in town, at the bottom of the hill, side by siding, and taking them on hikes. There are nights where both places, Last Hurrah, and Base Camp are full.
Sneaking away occasionally for an hour or two hike with Kobae. Today Melinda, a guest at the lodge, took Kobae out for a five hour hike. I had no time at all.
I'm back in the foxes good graces. For whatever reason they've picked up a habit lately of sitting or sleeping on guests cars waiting for their hot dogs.

On the upside for Kobae the place being so busy, more dogs for him to chase.

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