Sunday, October 22, 2017


I'm over cleaning at Last Hurrah and when I'm done and get back to the lodge there's a bicycle on the front porch with some clothes lying next to it. Nobody knows anything or saw anybody. A few hours later it's still there. I notice the top of the mail box is open and I look in there and it has $10 in it. 

A few hours later a guy walks up the drive way and says how much he enjoyed the disc golf course. I say "You rode your bike out here from town to play the disc golf course?" He says "No, from Seattle. I'm just riding around playing disc golf."

Kelly and DJ come back from side by siding and hand me an I-phone. I say "You found it on the trail?" They say "No, actually Steffi and Andi found it and gave it to us." We put a sign on the front gate come here for the lost phone and put the word out to some trail riders. An hour or two later an ATV comes up the driveway and I can tell. He's not looking around to see what's here or try to pre-determine what the place is about, he's singular focused on me. He's lost his cell phone.

He pulls up and says "I lost my cell phone. You have it?" I pull out the cell phone and he takes it with a big smile, looks at it, then hands it back to me and says "That's not mine." and drives off.

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