Monday, October 30, 2017

The Creek

When I moved here nearly 11 years ago, Kobae, then 22 pounds (now 185) and the two dogs I brought with me Bishop and Chewey, would cross this creek all the time hiking over to the gravel pit. In those days most places I could jump across or drop in and out, Bishop and Chewy would jump in and out, and Kobae would slide down the slope and sort of paddle up the other side. On Sunday Jax, Kobae, and I hiked the same creek bed which is now four to fifteen feet deep and anywhere from ten to fifty feet wide. It didn't change much the first six or eight years but three or four years ago we had five of those once in 100 year storms in about three weeks and it turned into a raging river twice trapping Kobae and I while we were out hiking.

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