Friday, April 1, 2016

What's This?

I saw John and Scott looking at this last time I was on Three Guys but was a little bit of a hurry so didn't pay much attention, but this is pretty cool stuff whatever it is. Click on picture to enlarge.


Unknown said...

This looks like hair ice. We get it on the forest in areas where there is moist dead wood and freezing temps. However, it seems very unlikely in the Moab. Did you touch it?

Looking forward to coming out to visit for the 1st time!! Coming in from Oregon :-)


Tom said...

That is what it looked like but I don't remember thinking it was coming from wood of any sort, the temperature was probably in the 50s plus and Wikipedia says it forms around 32 degrees. Had four geologists swing by a couple weeks ago and they had no idea what it might be. I know some geologists that were doing some work out in Jackson Hole, our Jackson Hole where the Jackson family herded cows about six or eight miles north of here. Maybe I can get them to hike over with me next time they're here and see what they think. Next time I can get away I'll hike over there and see if it's still there.