Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Day

On Thursday morning disc golfers showed me pictures of mountain lion tracks by hole eleven. No big surprise there when Miss Cat visits from on top of the Anti-Cline I've tracked her through Dripping Springs, past the Wind Caves, through the Base Camp gate and there she turns right and in time I'll find the remains of a deer somewhere down that canyon. Even on the disc golf map Hole Eleven directions say watch out for mountain lion tracks and the mountain lion that goes with them. At 4am Saturday morning dogs are barking from up by the hogans which are packed with disc golfers. Miss Cat has visited again and this time there's a witness not just tracks.
Tracks don't last long in the wind and the wind came.
Two rooms that are checking out came in by boat but Tag A Long doesn't have a boat coming by until 3:45 so I lend them my truck and they head for town. Then the wind really came. These next two pictures are during a lull in the wind. Most of the time I couldn't see the river. Fourteen disc golfers were out on the course huddles in overhangs and deep in bushes trying to keep from getting blasted by the blowing sand.
Around 6pm or so I jumped on a trials bike and rode to town to get the truck. This is the third year this group of disc golfers has gotten together here for a weekend they call the Base Camp Throw Down and this year they brought me this and they all signed it. With all that happened on this day., still the event of the day for me. Thank you. Pretty cool.

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