Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Two Broom Days

I've never seen more than 12 Rock squirrels at a time here. Yesterday I saw 22. It's out of control. When I feed critters, it attracts more critters. I know that. In all the years though the various populations have stayed pretty much in control but the Rock squirrels are becoming an issue this year. Even with Kobae leftovers there's not enough to feet 22 of them. On Tuesday I had to hold two brooms. One to push Kobae's food to him and the other to whack Rock squirrels that were trying to steal it. They've always been afraid of him but yesterday I saw one lick banana off his face so apparently they've lost the fear. They broke into a hogan and tool food yesterday, always jump up underneath vehicles to see if they can get in, are eating all the pods of the trees before the flowers can even bloom, got in a back pack left on the front porch and every time I forgot to close the screen door they ran through the lodge. Now they're trying to get up in the grill to get any leftovers.

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