Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Days

Still nursing a swollen knee injury from my crash on Kane Creek last week I'm not doing anything very daring. Kobae comes out about 1pm with the cooler days and we're right off to hiking. Part way up Hurrah or most of the way to the Wind Caves before I have to turn him around to get back by dark. Walking back from the Wind Caves a few days ago a Gray fox jumped up out of the dead end that I lift Kobae up and though seeing both of us casually walked in front of us and off to the slot canyons. A few mornings ago the Gray fox couple was in daylight hanging out at the side of the lodge and about 3am a few nights ago I was sitting on the front porch with a couple of hot dogs and I threw one about three feet in front of me and the two baby skunks took turns trying to build up the courage to retrieve it. One would run for it and half way there change it's mind and shoot into the bushes. Then the other would get about two thirds of the way there and lose it's courage and shoot back between the water jugs. I was laughing so loud I was afraid I'd wake up guests.

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