Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nightly Ritual: Crazier and Crazier


cyn said...

Finally got my pc to pick up most of your photos and catch up on your journaling. The photos seem more sharp. Is that a new GoPro? Kobae and you seem more active, especially that trail that beat you up and the one when you ran out of gas. Also glad Linny has been around to keep you in line!
If you would, send me an email about training for Search and Rescue. Lexi has some interest, but she needs to make some money while doing it. Where should she start?
Life has been active, mostly still medical issues, but better. We finally have a Kobae plaything -- a rescue collie. He is a certified therapy dog and perfect for us and Justin. Glad you are all well.

Tom said...

Nope, same cameras I've had for quite awhile. I've found a flashlight that's bright enough to catch the ringtails and skunks but not blind them so those videos are getting a little better. I'll email you on the rest.