Friday, March 14, 2014

Day Three: Kobae Against the World

The word is out and there's only a few dog walkers left that are unaware of what waits for them upon the Kobae approach so while targets of opportunity were not as frequent Kobae makes the most of them. So it ends. Kobae is safely tucked away in the back seat of the truck and time for Tom to get some sleep. When he wakes there will be a 13 hour drive to Base Camp and new adventures for Kobae. Thank you to the hundreds of people who came out the last three days to wish Kobae well and a safe trip and a special thanks to all the various dogs Kobae got to chase. To the lady that came by while we were out hiking today to remind me of when he chased your dog and got so worked up he humped your basketball stand for 45 minutes. Sorry about that. See everyone in October.

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Unknown said...

Safe travels home!