Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Each Evening the Same

Kobae walks across the driveway, around his house, enters, goes down to the tunnel, sniffs it, comes back out, inside the lodge, into the laundry room where he puts his head behind the washer and goes to sleep. He's so cute when he's sleeping.


Unknown said...

Breaks my heart, his disappointment! Your going to have to make him a new house. You should have discussed renting out the room for the winter with him first.

Judi S said...

Me thinks it stinks of badger

Tom said...

I've crawled down in the tunnel and raked that thing out and dug it out a little more so he fits and the last two nights he hasn't even gone over there to check it out he's just decided it ain't happening. I'm sure he smells the badger, not that he knows what it is, but it's the first time in seven winters that anybody has ever moved into his place while he was gone.