Saturday, September 11, 2021

Kobae Goes Hiking and Stuff

 It was late in the day but Kobae finally headed down the driveway and we're off to hiking.

With all the rain and flooding one of the storm sent the dead deer that's been at the bottom of the hill down the creek bed and into the river.
I told both Verizon and the distributor for Hughes Net that I couldn't be without phone service and wifi at the same time. If they don't get it together soon there will emergency situations where I can't help. Just a few days later a side by side dropped off two guys that had crashed their side by side and needed help to get to town or could they use my phone or wifi to call somebody, both of which don't exist. One guy tried to give me $100 to take him to town and when I told him I was the only one here and had check ins he screamed "I'm trapped in the desert."
Tonight, three motorcycle riders pulled up and said they had just come down Lockhart Basin and found three stranded motorcycle riders. One was three miles from The Gap and two more at the Gap where they were out of water and exhausted. One was dehydrated and not doing well. I said I'd take care of it and then realized I again had no phone service or wifi and had to drive to the north side of the property. I called San Juan County and they are sending someone down from the south end of Lockhart. A helicopter flew over a half hour later heading down toward Lockhart.
We're overwhelmed. The lodge and next door is packed. We could really use some help at least through Thanksgiving.
We get back in time for Jax to set up on the side walk and control the potential bedlam keeping all the little people where they are suppose to be to prevent fighting during the feeding town.

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Miss. I's English Class said...

Wow your really in a precarious situation not being able to access communication. What's up with the net?