Friday, September 10, 2021

Cometh the Storm

 Nightmare with Verizon. I finally have a phone that I can call out on wifi but it's still a pretty crappy phone and I still don't have wifi at the lodge. Sending guests to either the Condo or Main House if either is vacant. Nobody is complaining of course, the houses are nice. Jax and I are over at the Condo using the wifi when the storm rolls in. We load up and head for the lodge. We're too late. When we get to the turn to the lodge it's straight up and down three foot drop off.

I've got Jax with me who will get swept away easy and I'm carrying my computer which I can't lose for all the booking contacts. We can't get across the creek bed here. There are three creeks coming into the driveway. One by hole #9 is the right side of the Anti Cline run off. The driveway itself which comes from the left side of the Anti-Cline run off. The third one comes from the bowl area where holes #11, #12, #13, and #14. They all join in the driveway.
My plan is to walk the left bank all the way back to the gate and cross the stream going into the bowl area as I have to carry the computer case on one shoulder and Jax in one arm or the other. I'm going to cross the three streams one at a time before they combine. In theory the force should be just one third as much each time.
Here's where we crossed two of the three.
After crossing the third creek we climbed the mosquito infested hill to look down and see where we'd come from.

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