Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Days

Each day has such high hopes but it fills up with day to day items as the sun comes up so for the last few hours and now late into the nights is when I've got to get the administrative stuff done.

I've been putting substantial time into the two Polaris side by sides. Each day I check oil and gas and clean the air filters. Last year I spent $25,000 roughly on them and got nowhere near that back in rentals. It was actually starting to look like I might break even this year but today while pumping water next door one quit on me on the way back and oil all drained out quickly. I have to get a trailer. Tow strapping them to town takes two people and that's not possible right now and probably for the rest of the year and maybe forever.
A real view looking out the window of the front queen. I had a similar shot on the web site in the early days and somebody ask where I got the picture.
Last year when May 31st came I was down $75,000 over the year before and then the phone started ringing with people cooped up in their houses for two months and they were done. When the year ended I had gotten the whole $75,000 back and $75,000 more. This year, not even half into April I'm $35,000 up over last year.
Jax and I drove another vehicle up Hurrah and got to hike back.

Not long after we got back, that very next night, the wild horses, thought to be only in the Maize section of The Canyonlands, in the dark, a lone Mustang showed up. 

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