Tuesday, March 16, 2021

This Is My World

 On Saturday I'm driving around to all the locations where people are staying in structures and or camping to let them know round two is cancelled because of the weather. When I get to the house a couple players ask me to come inside for a minute. Chaucie hands me this.

As I'm looking at it I don't quite get the Jax and I reaching out for each other. Then I keep looking at it and there's Jax, Linny, a ringtail, a skunk, a raccoon, a fox, Kobae, some birds and in short it is my Base Camp family. The little people I hang out with when regular people aren't around and sometimes even when they are. The detail is amazing. It's emotional. That really is my life right there on canvas. I pull the truck right up to the house and have a hand off through the window to keep it from getting wet in the rain. 

When I get back to the lodge I turn it over and see this.

I'm thinking ok this was inspired by a review last year where one of the guests said to come stay here because "Tom is a God." Pretty clever. 

Then Monday Ryan and Chaucie come by to check out and say goodbye and I tell Chaucie I get the God thing referring to the review a while back and she says "No. It's a spin off of a picture hanging in the Sistine Chapel." The Creation of Adam/Jax. Even more clever. 

Chaucie I've said it already but I can't say it enough. Thank you.

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