Saturday, March 20, 2021


 Moses came through hiking the Hayduke. I'd seen a couple Haydukers a day or two before but they walked right on by.

Jax and I got a hike around the property a couple days after the tourney just to see if there were any changes. Disc'ers picked up after themselves and it was pretty clean most place despite the rain that we had on Saturdy afternoon.

Did find two white-tailed antelope squirrels that were eaten by dogs and thrown up by the main house. Plus there were atv tracks right up next to the male hogan and then the guest behind them parked their dirt bike and atv up there seeing the tracks of the disc trackers before so I had to ask them to put their vehicles in the parking lot. There were a couple other places the atv and dirt bikes had gone off the trails.
I went to pump water from the river to fill up the pond but somebody had backed over the pipes and broken them so that's going to be awhile before we can get parts for it.
One of the houses was pretty muddy and we didn't get it completely clean by the time guests got here and they were pretty upset and rightly so leaving a day early. The mud that came while were booked solid was everywhere and the land took a brutal beating. Jax and I are hiking back and I'm trying to decide if I want to do two of these a year. Moab doesn't get much rain but October is the month that occasionally gets the monsoons though it's been a few years since we got one.

I need a break so Jax and I head off to hike out by the Wind Caves and back. It's nice, it's relaxing. Don't forget where you live and how much people enjoy it. We'll do it again in October and try and mitigate the things that happened this time.

I get back and Kobae is outside sunning himself. I look in the laundry room where he slept the night before and he's left me a present. It has steam coming off it. I get two shovels in case it's alive and I have to kill it. It's going to take that many shovels to lift it once it's dead. I think I hear it breathing. A tortoise didn't leave that. It had to come from a cow or perhaps there is still a dinosaur around. I've seen the bones. I tell people Kobae weighs 200 pounds but I think it's closer to 180 today. I pulled a back muscle lifting it up on the shovel to take outside.

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