Friday, December 16, 2016

Some Evenings and David

On one of these evenings, maybe Monday, four of us, plus Jax and Elsie, are watching The Voice and Johnny has left and gone to bed, or not. Johnny walks in, looks at each of us and says "One, two, three, and four. Everybody is here. Why is there a light on the cliffs?" I walk outside and he's correct. I call to the light. A male voice replies "I ran out of water four hours ago and I'm trying to get to the river." I give him directions to get here and 15 minutes later he shows up. "My name is David. My friends are working in Needles for a few days and then at Arches. I told them to drop me off at Needles and I'd hike back and meet them at Arches." That's 75 miles and he's carrying a really heavy backpack that took me both arms to lift. "I did seven miles last night and the rest today." From Needles to here is 45 miles. He hiked 38 miles today carrying that backpack? Almost unbelievable. "I'm from Minnesota. I left Needles last night on my bicycle but it broke down about five miles into my journey and I've been pushing it ever since. It's up on the cliffs." I ask him if he wants a beer "I shouldn't. I'm not old enough. I'd really like some water though." We feed him and put him up in a hogan and since I have to go to town in the morning anyway I give him, his monster backpack, and broken bicycle a ride to the bike shop. It's a quick goodbye and he's gone.

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cyn said...

Incredible. Glad you could help.