Sunday, December 4, 2016

Another Miracle

For fifteen or twenty years I worked on the books for a company that I founded called Let's Play Sports or on the internet you'll find it under Each year as we added more indoor soccer locations my goal was to get that location "into the black". Meaning, positive cash flow. If it was in the red, that was negative cash flow. However in the world of cables on batteries, that is not the case. Red is positive and black is negative. For the first eight years that I was out here I fried at least one battery per year by hooking up the jumper cables wrong thinking that black was positive. Now, for a record second year in a row I made it the whole year (well a month to go) without frying a battery and just remembering that hooking them up is exactly the opposite of what I think it should be. This is a real miracle.


cyn said...

An old dog can learn new tricks!

cyn said...

I live so far away that I can get away with comments like that.