Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Clay Henry

Clay Henry is the dog that lives at Caveman Ranch across the river. Because there are no cars to chase Clay Henry chases watercraft. He waits on the far shore for kayaks, canoes, rafts and so forth to come down the river and while barking jumps in behind them and chases them down river. When larger tour jet boats come by Clay Henry sometimes gets washed up on this side of the river. Then it's an hours long chore trying to get him back across the river. Get him back across the river we must because he kills everything. There's nothing breathing anywhere when you tour Caveman Ranch, can't even find a lizard, while this side is teeming with life. The next few videos are a condensed what really took two hours to get Clay Henry back across the river. Barking at his echo, digging holes in the mud, chasing imaginary creatures swimming in the river, and eventually getting carried by the current back across the river.

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