Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hiking with Jax: (The Anti-Cline)

Jax and I hiked up the west end of the Anti-Cline from the north and then down the south side. It's a pretty cool hike. On the way back Jax got to live his dream of trying to be a cattle dog. Whenever we'd see one cow by itself Jax would run over and try and chase it around but once a cow would stop and stare at him he's run back to me. The Go Pro battery had long gone dead on this long hike so I don't have any video on this but eventually about 30 cows got together and started following Jax and I back on our hike. I'd stop and stare at them and they'd stop. Once we started hiking again they'd come right up behind us again. Eventually I picked up a rock and good size stick and they kept their distance the balance of our hike back.

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cyn said...

Beautiful shots.