Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kobae Makes a Mistake

It's raining, as usual, when Kobae decides to go hiking. Part way towards Hurrah Pass the rain lets up, a bit of sun comes out, Kobae takes a break. Kobae finds shade for him and Tom finds a nice large rock to take his pack and canteens off, read some, and get a little shut eye. After a few hours Kobae heads off over a ridge. As Tom is putting his canteens back on and getting his pack together he hears boulders rolling down into the dry creek bed behind him. Tom comes over the ridge but doesn't see Kobae and then realizes he is there but didn't recognize him as he had slid to the bottom and is upside down.
In seven years out here of hiking with Kobae Tom has seen him do incredible climbs and downhills in places where Tom was hanging on my his fingernails but not today. Tom gets him turned back over. Kobae heads right off hiking like nothing happened and again takes a break.
The rain picks up again and it's time to get out of the creek bed and return to the lodge. One near miss is enough for this day. Kobae seems fine and Tom saw no issues on the 1.5 mile hike back to the lodge.

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cyn said...

So glad he is ok!