Thursday, February 6, 2020


It's 1:15am Thursday morning. There are the most horrible cries coming from what I think is a fox up on the hill by the hogans. I've heard fox bark before trying to find each other and I heard a fox complain all night in the canyons when I by accident interfered with a rabbit kill but this is just heart breaking. I turned the Go Pro on to record the sound but it went dead immediately and the regular camera I use isn't good at capturing sound. I don't know what might have happened but this is as eerie a sound as I've ever heard out here and even Jax who always wants to investigate everything didn't want to go up there either. In fact he turned around and went back in the lodge first.

We'll hike up in the morning and see what we can find.

Thursday evening: Jax and I went up the hill to see what all the crying was about early this morning. We spent 30 minutes up there and I found fox footprint, squirrel and chipmunk, even a deer had come through but I didn't find any bobcat or mountain lion that might have led to the death of a fox. I don't know what happen this morning.

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