Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday Hike with Jax

Temps had gone from 56 on Saturday to 40 on Sunday. I was just closing the front door to go hiking when four Jeeps pulled up. One of the Jeep rental companies came by to see if we could work together on anything so we spend the next hour or so touring the property and we'll see what happens. Maybe.

The wind had come up and it felt colder than 40 but once the Jeep company had departed Jax and I headed out. It was too late to get a good three or four hour hike in so we just wandered. If Jax would smell something in the distance we'd head that way.
We stopped by to visit the remains of the 1100 or so pound cow that broke it's legs out here a year or two ago and after the cowboys finally shot it, while dead, it moved from one side of the road to the other. I believe somebody posted a picture of it being beamed up into a space ship and that explanation is as good an any I can think of. The critters have done their work. Not much left now.
Looking down into the property we saw a truck with a decent size trailer on the back heading up Hurrah. Then the wind really started ripping. I couldn't take a picture of Jax that both of his ears weren't flying in the air so we headed back to the lodge.

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