Thursday, February 6, 2020

Thursday: We're Going to Jackson (not all the way)

Jax and I left around noon after feeding the little people at the Tiffany locations and headed out toward Jackson Hole. We found a place with a nice view after a couple miles and took a break.

We continued on to the long abandoned and capped Prommell Oil Well #1 with it's lightning and food shelter.

We continued the road until it turned right and started down the hill towards the Pot Ash Plant and Jackson Hole. We went straight at the turn and headed toward the river hoping to find a way down to come out at Last Hurrah.

Getting within distance of the river we were high up on a ridge we had a lot of difficulty finding a way down.

We found a place where I thought I could get down but it turned out to be too slippery. Then Jax thought he had a place but the last jump was too far. While we were searching for a way down for both of us we saw a small female big horn in the canyon below us right as it saw us and took off running down the canyon. Jax, despite my plea, took off straight down a rock formation after it. Something he would not normally have been able to do. I was already walking on a narrow trail on the ridge and I wasn't getting off it. As I rounded a corner the big horn blew around the rock and almost ran into me. Then veered off going straight down the side and into the flat land. A few second later Jax ran around the corner and also almost ran into me. Somehow he had made it back up the ridge. By then the big horn was a mile away.

I figured I'd just follow the big horn tracks and see where it came back up the ridge and go down there. When I found it I couldn't believe it was possible. Jax walked over and looked down and he wasn't interested either though he had to have just come up it.

Finally we worked our way around the canyon and hooked up with the trail that goes out past the Last Hurrah hogans and returning to the lodge.

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