Sunday, March 18, 2018

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Some Stuff, Some Confusing, Some Not So Much

I'm struggling. I've battled the hawks for so many years and the ravens for all of this year. I bought the hawks for what they do to the songbirds that visit the lodge every day singing their butts off for a mate. I've despised the ravens for attacking the nests of songbirds and torturing the young in front of the parents so much so that having learned the lesson of the Sharp Shinned hawk winter battle years ago I've found you don't really get their attention until you go to their house. I've mapped the three pair of raven nests closest to the lodge should that day of battle come. While studying them I recently read they don't nest in the same place twice so it may be a long effort that requires finding the new location of their nests every year so I'm prepared should there be an incident. Now one of my enemies has killed another enemy. Are they my frienemy as the Sharp-shinned became years ago before they killed him too?

For the last few months the water pressure at the lodge has been dropping and if two people anywhere in the lodge try to take a shower at the same time, they can't. We've ruled out one thing after another and when all is said and done it appears the well is going dry. The guy that drilled it found water at 44 feet and he drilled all the way to 88 feet where he hit bedrock. During the seven or eight years of Camelot Lodge and now the 11 plus years of Base Camp the 44 feet in the middle however wide it is has been used up.

So, the temporary answer is to put in a 1750 gallon cistern. The well pump will be active during the night at it's slow rate of pulling water up and fill the cistern. The cistern will have it's own pump and push water into the lodge on the day and times when it's busiest so there will be sufficient water pressure. But, barring a whole bunch of rain that finds it's way 44 feet down, the lodge will run out of water at some point.

 I have considerable water rights with a mile of river frontage but because the water level and the beach move around a lot there's no consistent place to put a pump anywhere close to the lodge. So I'm about to become a short haul trucker from the pond or boat ramp to the cistern. I'd prefer the pond where it can sit for a couple days and settle making the water much cleaner as it goes into the cistern.
Business is way up. Sometime this week Base Camp will pass the revenue of all of last year between cash collected and booked. Last year almost doubled the year before and that will increase the water usage at the lodge and with a pump going all the time may put strain on the nearly new power grid of solar panels and batteries.

Sandra called and wanted to stay in the female hogan at Last Hurrah. I told her she needed a vehicle with some clearance to get here. She said her friends told her that the big truck she has wouldn't make it. Me, figuring she had a Ford 350 or similar I told her the propane truck makes it here every year, the septic truck does, a school bus with non retractable stairs and two 30 foot toy trailers showed up so unless she had a cement mixer on the back of her truck she'd be ok.

On Monday Sandra showed up in her truck. I misunderstood when Sandra said she had a big truck. It turns out she had a BIG TRUCK. No problem she said.

Wednesday evening.
I've never stayed at Last Hurrah, anywhere, not even one night. I'm pumping water at both places though tonight and I'm concerned about an overflow in the Last Hurrah tanks so I'm mostly staying over at Last Hurrah tonight though driving over to the lodge every few hours.

It's nice.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Base Camp Disc Golf Tournament

It's a biggie. Both properties are full and there are tents all over the place at the boat ramp, gravel pit, and for the first time ever we've rented out the upgraded boat house. It's pretty cool. With 22 extra holes added for the tournament it's a five to seven hour round for most players Linny and I have placed two coolers on the course with soft drinks and beer in them. At the conclusion of Day One, it's gone pretty well and most are really happy with the new basket placement. At some point we'll evaluate the results and add another 18 holes or perhaps 36 without going to the main house area and disturbing the birthing grounds of the big horn and mule deer.

Things You Just Know 2

It's Saturday the morning of the start of the disc golf tournament. The players are gathering for the players meeting and the tournament is about to start. A player comes to me and says "Tom, there's a dead hawk on number seven." Linny and I grab our gloves and shovel and jump in a side by side. There are multiple wounds on the back and then once it fell to ground additional wounds on the chest. We bring the Coopers to the lodge for burial in our wildlife vs wildlife memorial. Linny digs the grave and we mark the spot, knowing it won't be the last time. There will be others.

On Sunday morning the ravens do not show up.

Things You Just Know

Just prior to Linny and I going to San Diego to get Kobae there was a Cooper's hawk each morning hanging around trying to pick off a song bird by the feeding areas. Each morning I would go drive him off but they are pretty persistent. On Monday when we got back I didn't see him. What I did see were four ravens up on the hill doing their Happy Dance. They strut back and forth, heads propped up, feeling the pride. I've seen this before when they've raided bird nest and flung their young about before eating them and rubbing it in to the parents who are trying to fight them off.

For the mornings of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the Cooper's hawk doesn't show up but the ravens do and strut their happy dance on the ridge, the conspiracy of ravens. Something has died. The ravens are too happy.

On Thursday Linny and I head up the hill with a shovel and gloves to bury whatever the ravens are celebrating. It must be something special as they are flying high and then diving down one after the other in aerial celebration.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Knack of Haydukers

There might be ten people hiking the Hayduke trail all year and I just have a knack of running into them on the once a week or so I go to town. I invite them out to the lodge to stay at one of the hogans and sometimes do water drops for them down Lockhart Basin.

The disc golf tournament is this weekend and it's packed. On Wednesday Linny and I went to town filling the truck up with water and propane. On the way back we run across the first two Haydukers of the years and invite them to stay at the lodge. Really good guys and on Thursday morning at first light we say goodbye to Tacota and Norm.

This year the tournament is 40 holes each day with 22 new baskets added. When you play #31 at Hull's Place you're about three quarters of a mile away from the lodge so we've set up tables and chairs and refreshments. On our way to town Wednesday evening for the second drive that day we run across five more Haydukers and invite them to stay at the lodge and not long after the first two leave they're off on the trail.
At the store Linny and I buy $300 worth of beer and soda for the Hull's Place, Hole #31, break before heading back for the last nine holes to the lodge. I have Linny push all the beer up to the checker and I'm walking behind her with the soda. When people stare at her I tell them she has a drinking problem, it's not severe yet but I'm getting concerned.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Return of "The Man"

I can't get Kobae out of the truck by myself. He's too heavy. I put two straw bales up against the truck and after 30 minutes of thinking about it Kobae came out on his own. After he'd moved over into the sun Linny said "Look Tom, Kobae has a smile on his face." I think she's right. Welcome home my friend.

The Game

Probably 25 years ago or so I attended an indoor soccer game in El Paso between the Permian Basin Shooting Stars and the El Paso, well something, I don't remember the name of the team. El Paso was extremely disorganized and Permian Basin ran over them. After the game I went to a Pizza Hut to eat and the El Paso team came in to the same Pizza Hut. I talked to some of the team and told them some stuff they could do to be a better team next time and I owned a bunch of indoor facilities and the most successful professional team of all time, the San Diego Sockers practiced at my facility and I went to all of their practices so I knew of what I talked.

After about 20 minutes one of the players slipped away from out conversation and started going around to the other tables that had players eating. After a few minutes he came back to the table, nodded his head to the other players and said "It's done." Then he looked at me and said "We're going to get the coach fired, you want to be our new coach?" I declined.

On Saturday night San Diego was playing El Paso. Not quite eight minutes into the game San Diego scored. After the goal El Paso players got two red cards, kicked out of the game permanently, and another player got a two minute penalty. Later in the game another player was ejected for spitting on a referee. All night long El Paso was in trouble and frequently a player short on the field for penalties, which resulted in this, and this, and that.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Kobae Hiking Day

Kobae mostly stayed out of trouble. Instead of going to either of the places where tortoises use to live he was all focused on eating so we probably hiked less than a mile while he feasted on dandy lions, sun flowers, and crab grass. He avoids the well trimmed lawns with no weeds. I did keep the wallet full of $5, $10, and $20 dollar bills so I could pay off people when Kobae breaks their sprinklers and solar lights without calling the authorities. He destroyed a few things but mostly it was a trouble free day.
The sun went behind the clouds and it got cold real quick. Kobae climbed into some bushes at a house a few blocks away, dug a hole, buried himself, and wouldn't move. Davis (the dog) that Kobae really likes to chase showed up to rescue us and get Kobae out of the flower bed but he didn't seem that interested but eventually with some coaxing we got him out. Then when Kobae lost interest in Davis luring him back to the house a new dog showed up that had no fear of Kobae and Kobae decided to teach him a lesson so we got back to the house pretty quick. Speedy, is completely blind, so he had no fear of Kobae and did a wonderful job of bringing Kobae back to the house. Thanks mom and dad of Speedy.

Kobae: We're in Trouble

The Magic of Youth Soccer

From thousands of hours of observation I believe there is a magnet in the ball that sucks small children to it. I think this proves my point.

Friday, March 2, 2018

It's Time

The disc golf tourney is next weekend and a whole new format adding 22 holes each day over on to the new property and a no driver tournament but the question I get from almost every competitor is "Will Kobae be there?"

So, Linny and I hopped in the truck Thursday and drove to San Diego. It turns out when I drop him off end of October is usually the Sockers first home game and when I go back to get him it's around their last home game of the season. This time though checking there schedule I saw they have a game this Saturday night so perfect timing. Then I look at their road schedule and they have a game Thursday night in Ontario. I look at the map for the arena and it's about two blocks off the freeway I'd be driving down anyway so Linny and I went to the game and met family there.

It's pretty rare when it's a good thing that the home crowd leaves early, boos, and is quiet. But last night, it was a good thing, for us anyhow.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Rock Garden

On Wednesday Linny, Jax, and I spent two hours in the Rock Garden.

Tuesday Hiking with Linny & Jax

Two things over the weekend. When we checked in the hotel before going to the hockey game I wandered around the room for a minute or two trying to find where the cooler was that I could get water out of. Linny explained that you can drink sink water in the city. You can at the lodge but it's pretty salty.

When we were walking over to Applebee's to eat we were walking through the parking lot and I saw a big surprise pop up on Linny's face. She said "Wait, Ford makes cars too? I thought they only made trucks." In fairness she's probably never seen a Ford car at the lodge.

My Best Friend

Linny will be turning 15 in May. I can't believe it. While I was in Salt Lake both Linny and her mom mentioned she will be having her quinceanera party celebrating the Latin tradition of a woman going from childhood to adulthood. Apparently it's pretty expensive. In the $10,000 plus range I've been told. They were interested in how much I wanted to chip in. I said to Linny

Me: "White girls don't have that party."
Linny: "They have a sweet sixteen party."
Me: " Right. How much is that? Five girls come sleep over and they have a pillow fight."
Linny: "Did you see that on TV?"
Me: "Yes."

Apparently I have a distorted view of how that works. So, in the end, I told Linny I wasn't chipping in. However, I need help at the lodge. She can come work at the lodge and continue her educational experience with an online school which she was doing in Salt Lake anyway and saving me the four hours of driving her to school and back and me back here and back, twice a day. Any money she makes goes towards her 15th party and I might match it, but she has to earn it.

On Sunday Linny moved back into the lodge.

By Monday she was out working on the property. I showed her some places where the last rain had washed away the road and to get a shovel and fill them in. Linny took off in the truck and Jax and I went hiking. It didn't all go as planned but to her credit Linny also got herself out of trouble with no help from me.
By sundown Linny was making pretty good progress filling in the holes and her work ethic was back to normal just like she'd never left here.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Day of Saturday

On Saturday Linny and I drove around and visited a couple of the indoor soccer facilities in Ogden and Woods Cross and then on Saturday night we went to the hockey game. Wichita Thunder and Utah Grizzlies. Both teams tried hard to lose. Utah has a 1 goal lead with a minute to go and one of their guys lost his temper and got a penalty. Since Wichita was down by a goal with a minute to do they had nothing to lose by yanking their keeper and putting in an extra attacker so it was a 6 on 4, and with about eight seconds left they scored and tied the game. Then only four seconds later before going into overtime Wichita got a penalty so played the first two minutes of overtime a man short and at the end of overtime it was still tied. So each team picks three shooters. Utah's first guy scored and nobody else did on either side. So we didn't see a lot of goals, but we saw enough, and we did see a lot of fights, and in the end the Utah goalie had to stop their last guy from scoring to win the game and he did. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Friday Night with My Best Friend

On Friday night we saw a whole bunch of this. Three power play goals, two short handed goals, and two breakaways. The other team took their goalie out and replaced him like it was his fault?

The Water Tanks Hike

On Wednesday we were filling the water tanks at Last Hurrah and so got to hike above looking for big horn and coming back to check the gauges to make sure the water levels were fine.

Between Rain Bursts

On Tuesday Jax and I got a short hike in between down pours.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Evening

Middle of February

Both the lodge and Last Hurrah are completely full. Unbelievable.

Two Guys from Tennessee

Came to play disc golf.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Jess and Monkey

On Wednesday it was kind of cold out but Jax and I were hiking out towards the Wind Caves and then back on the cliff road above the river. Just as we're going through the Base Camp gate we see a vehicle go by on the way towards Chicken Corner. We hike a little over the hill and I can see it turning around in the distance. I say "Are you lost?" She says "No, I lost my cat. I left him behind. When I got out to take a picture I think he took off and I just noticed that he was gone." I said "On this side of Hurrah?" She says "Yes." I say "Jax has a good nose and I'm a good tracker you want us to go with you?" She says "No. He's a good cat he'll stay there until I get back."

Jax and I continue you on our hike and just before we get ready to turn on to the Cliff trail she comes pulling up, with her cat, and her dog. She's a geologist from Australia and her name is Jess. We talk for a minute and I give her directions to the Wind Caves and Chicken Corner and tell her she's free to swing by later and give her direction to the lodge. Just before dark, Jess, Monkee, and I forgot the cat's name come to the lodge. I put them up in Linny's room and we enjoy the dog to dog to cat confused interaction. We laughed all night telling stories of being in the boonies. Michelle joined us off an on while decorating.

In the morning I take her out to Jackson Hole to see a place that Linda and I visited a couple weeks ago since it has the most widely varied geology in a small area. Finally during out hike Jax and Monkee decided they liked each other and while we looked at rocks we were constantly surrounded by this.

Jess, from Australia, with Jax and Monkee. Anyone that tours and hikes with their dog and cat, is alright with me.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Short Hike

Wind was blowing and it was a little cold out there but Jax and I got about three miles in.