Friday, May 18, 2018


Probably the most progress has been the Desert Willow. With the first bud blooming on the 14th, just four days later it's exploded and is full of hummingbirds. This is the most flowers I've ever seen on it because normally the rock squirrels would have been up raiding the tree and eating all the buds and flowers but with Jax always looking out the window they rarely come to the front porch. I've put my squirt guns away when feeding Kobae.

Everything is full again at Base Camp at both places and we're mostly full through the end of the month. By waking up at 5:30 each morning I've carved out some time to get fit again.

The body wants to stay in bed but the brain's determination and commitment forces it and it wins, every time. The mental battles while hiking are always present to turn around and go back when it starts hurting or breathing gets uncomfortable but I've been through this enough times before that I know by the little signs I'm making progress. Today while hiking I had to cinch up one more hold on my belt. For the first time ever when we stopped for a water break Jax laid down and he didn't chase any lizards at all. He's learning to conserve his energy not knowing for sure how long the hike will be.
There will come an evening where I won't be able to sleep because I can hardly wait to wake up and go hiking and with the first light I'll be out at 5am instead of 6am. It's only a matter of time. The body hasn't accepted it yet but the mind already knows it's going to happen.

Friday Morning Hike

For the second day in a row I heard voices and saw movement up on the Anti-Cline Overlook and I heard chutes open but they must have jumped off the other side.

Thursday Evening

Linny, Jax, and I take guests around the property on a little stroll to see some fossils, dino tracks, and views.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Parking Lot Patrol

Jax has found his purpose in life. To keep squirrels out of vehicles in the parking lot. He sits on my desk, in theory a sleep, but one eye open on the parking lot and when a rock squirrel is foolish enough to jump on a car tire, Jax is coming.

Thursday Morning Hike to Hurrah Pass

Wednesday Morning Hike

Jax and I hiked over toward the Wind Caves and back.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


On Sunday night I drove up to Provo and met Linny's mom to bring her back down and Michelle met us there to re-deliver Jax for his stay at Base Camp and with the morning we were out hiking. Just two days previous the boat dock and been almost straight up and down in the water but today she is floating. Pumped water from the pond to holding tanks. Every year between May 10th and May 14th the first blossoms explode on the Desert Willow. I was a little nervous when I walked outside today but there they were. With evening we got in another hike. I don't know who makes those tracks.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Beginning

The number of reservations over the next four months is manageable, at the moment, and if it starts to get out of hand again I just won't take reservations for awhile. I've had no life for the last three months and I've got to find balance so on Saturday I found a chance to get away for an hour or two and ride a trials bike for probably the first time this year. It was wonderful. So relaxing. I was looking for tracks for the big horn and or deer neither of which I've seen for a week or two now and I didn't see any on this journey either. Of interest though were the two rough spots on the Jackson Hole loop which have each been bull dozed out. They no longer exist and it appears to be that the Pot Ash plant up river needed to shore up their pipeline and so they had to get new pilings out there but with the condition of the road couldn't do it without alterations. The fact that somebody could drive a bulldozer by me and I didn't notice tells me that things ain't right so I'm going to make them right.

I'm going to set time aside to get back in shape. Better shape than I've ever been since I've been out here and probably better shape than the last 30 years. I know the commitment that is coming and the mental preparation I've been working on the last few days and I'm a little scared. Not scared of the challenge but of what it's going to take once I make a commitment and how far I will dive into that commitment. Traditionally it has been a deep dive. So I just need to show up mentally every day. If the mind shows up prepared the body will follow.


Guests on the way to town found a motorcycle rider with a broken leg on the side of Hurrah and took him to the hospital. Two days later the bike and boots were still there.
It only last seven to ten days each year and that happens to be now when the three different type of cactus bloom.

After four days of 90 plus degree temperatures within two days the beach went from being 30 feet wide and 100 feet long to being.........gone.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Happy Birthday Best Friend

My best friend in the whole world turned 15 today. She wasn't suppose to survive born at 1 pound four ounces or so.

The very first time she wanted to go hiking with the dogs and I at 2 or 3 years old I told her she couldn't go. Her response was "Tom, I guess you didn't hear me the first time. I'm going." It was where I worked in the industrial parks of San Diego and we hiked into the night and didn't get back until very late. I put her to bed and then got ready myself. When I went in to check on her before going off to sleep she was jumping up and down on her bed with both her fists out. "You want a piece of me Tom? You want some of this. Come on Tom. I'll fight you with one hand behind my back." I said "No Linny, I don't want a piece of you. Go to sleep."

I went in and woke Linda up and said "She's not going to die. Her heart is do big it barely fits in her chest."

Here we are. Fifteen years later. Still full of fire. I couldn't have a better friend.

Happy Birthday Linny.

Monday, May 7, 2018

The Day After

The busy season appears to have ended. Michelle, Linda, Rachel, Linny, and Jax, all who have contributed to helping over the last few months are gone and the last four or five days were the busiest of the year. Twice in four days every single room, both hogans, and both houses, went vacant and rented again the same day. It was brutal. Yesterday I knew I wasn't going to be able to get everything clean in time before guests got here and I talked to all the out going guests the night before and they all cleaned as much as they could before they left and it helped immensely. As is always the case, no matter what, you can be sure that as something goes vacant and you start cleaning it and knocking them off one at a time, the room or house that you're doing last will be the first guest to show up and Sunday kept the record perfect. When all was said and done a couple people moved around a little and a couple guests helped me clean and I survived it.

The last week I've been struggling with why I bought the place next door and is it worth it? Yes both places have made a lot of money the last two or three months but much of it is going back in to infrastructure to support the new occupancy levels. New pump in the river, cistern, new 20k generator coming, new washer and dryer, and on and on and on. For the future there are still a lot of guests booked and this month some time will surpass cash collected for all of last year and when you add in bookings it's going to be at least double last year which was almost double the year before.

Then last night all the guests were here in the there houses, hogans, or rooms and it was over. Taking care of them is the easy part. Preparing for them the hard part. In February I was reading Mind of the Raven and getting an hour or two reading every night thinking I'd be done by the end of the week and I haven't been able to open the book since. Last night I got to look at it.

Then Kobae moved into his house yesterday. Two days later than two years ago and one day later than last year so I have some free time now and don't have to watch him constantly. I can leave the gate closed if I don't have time to deal with him. Today I caught up on most administrative stuff. I cleaned and filed away in my office. I got some quality time hanging with Kobae on the porch. Last night all the critters showed up. There were lots of raccoons, foxes everywhere, the bats have returned. Today the birds are singing like crazy. The cowbirds showed up the same day the red wing blackbirds left. Without Jax the porch is over run by rock squirrels trying to steal Kobae's food. I had a squirt gun in each hand blowing them off the porch as they would make a run at a carrot or romaine. The cactus bloomed which lasts but 7 to 10 days every year but it is glorius.

At the doctor appt earlier in the week he said I'm going to kill myself if I keep it up. Base Camp which once saved my life when I was massively over weight prior to moving here and helped me lose a lot of weight is going to kill me this time if I don't get it straightened out. So I'm working on developing my fitness routine and if I have to take less guests it's better than taking all guests and not being around to spend time with them.

I had a little time today, to myself, and I got to walk around Base Camp and I fell in love with it again. I think I'm going to be ok. I wasn't sure.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Purple Urkle

In the Morning

The beach looked like this.

Then, The Rain and the Hail Came

With three one room and two hogans not checked in yet it's time to go look for guests.