Monday, May 20, 2019

After the Dying is Done

After the echoes of the screams have faded, the sound of the axe finding it's mark, the blood has stopped flowing and been absorbed by the ground and those that have tragically died on this day have ceased to exist, The Fingers and Base Camp return to themselves.

Ari Had a Bad Day

Stephanie didn't have a good day either.

After a hard day dying, and a beer, there were goodbyes and Ari is on her way home.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

C. G. (Computer Graphics)

Was another 4am to 4pm but they had to quit about 90 minutes early as the wind was affecting the continuity again so they're really in a bind now with the forecast for rain off and on the whole week. It's been raining the whole evening and there is mud and dirt everywhere.

I saw the finished product of Linny's fog machine shots today in the previous post after computer graphics changed it from day time to dark and did a little touch up. I showed it to Linny and she said "Whoa, I look scary."

Saturday in the Fingers

The weather forecast is showing 30 to 40% chance of showers and an occasional thunderstorm all the way through next Friday when the movie people leave. I heard catering show up at 3:30am this morning to prepare the meal for everyone going out to The Fingers. I passed and I assume Linny did too as I didn't hear her voice out there anywhere. If they can get another 4am to 4pm in today they'll be pretty close to caught up.

Originally Linny's schedule showed her filming in The Fingers yesterday but when I ask on Friday and Saturday mornings they said that wasn't the case. As she was heading over to clean the female hogan she got notified to be at make up right away. It's getting easier. She normally gets through it in under an hour now. Then off to The Fingers.

The river is rising fast. Yesterday I adjusted the stairs on the dock three times. I've filled all the water tanks as high as I can get them and then pumped some water into the pond to let it settle for a few days before having to pump again. I'm mostly caught up on laundry with the exception of folding it and putting it away in some sort of order.

Another person or two died yesterday during filming and got flown out to wherever they live but they were promptly replaced by somebody else that is a specialist at something that will be happening.

There are so many people on the porch most of the time going in and out Kobae hangs at his house across the driveway usually and there are moments when I wish I could join him.

Linny appears to be handling all this pretty well and getting along with everyone, no problems. The first day in the make up chair took some time but she's a pro now and I think Saturday was the last time in the chair as a ghost. She still has a death scene coming up somewhere.

No foxes showed up to eat last night which got me a little nervous that the last thing we needed was a mountain lion in The Fingers but raccoons and skunks did show up and the foxes rarely come on a full moon anyhow.

Linny will be heading home to Salt Lake after the movie and family reunion that moves in the day the movie people move out but talked to Michelle a day or two ago and her and Jax are headed back soon to help with the transition. For Jax it's just in time. The lodge is full of squirrels. I chased six out yesterday with a broom. They have no fear at all and the movie people think they are cute and feed them. Hopefully Jax will turn that around in a few days.
The Canyonlands movie people depart Friday. Family reunion begins Friday and leaves Monday. A yoga video company moves in right behind them for five days of filming. Not a single room, hogan, or house open until the end of the month.

Friday, May 17, 2019

I Saw Linny Today, Twice

It's hard to even explain the last three days. Linny didn't have any scenes so she was working either for the lodge or for the movie company and I was just fighting to keep things going. 38 bags of trash I took to town on Monday and 26 more on Wednesday. I picked up a 55 gallon drum on Wednesday and filled it with gas for generators and vehicles and it was all gone almost immediately and a trash run will have to be done in the morning again. I was keeping it in the back of my truck but the ravens got it and when I put a tarp over it the ravens took the tarp off. So anybody that goes to town in a truck takes trash.

One Kymco is down and in town. Another broken at the bottom of the driveway. One Polaris is running rough and the passenger door on Linny's jeep is beat up and won't open. The vehicles are taking a beating. When I get in them to drive them they don't even feel familiar.

A ringtail has appeared the last three nights right after I gave up. Two raccoons followed me in the kitchen to see what was taking so long with getting the hot dogs out and there was a mini skunk fight again but no spraying this time. Lot of foxes returning. I hear people speaking softly about me and all the little people that come to eat at night. They're a little confused about why I've made friends with so many of them, to them, it sounds dangerous.

88 degrees for three days in a row and the river rose a lot but it's dropping back down again with the high today of 64. I think we're going to make it without flooding but it's not over.

Stunt people showed up the other day and I heard them talking about how things better be right and nice and cool when they get to the fight scene in the Wind Caves. I told them the caves remain 55 or so degrees year round. "You guys should be able to gut that out for a day eh?"

The reviews from everyone about the two chefs that have set up in the Last Hurrah Garage are fabulous. They've approached me about turning it into a full time eatery. The Last Hurrah Garage. They say adventure dining is a big thing now and think it would kick butt in the garage. It's tempting but I'm tired of fronting a bunch of money over and over for improvements but if anybody could do it, it's these two.

Linny when not filming is shuttling people around to locations and doing some cleaning for the lodge. I'm still pumping water from the pond into the holding tanks nearly everyday it's being used up so fast. An hour or so as I was leaving the pond and headed back to the lodge in the truck I saw Linny's Jeep coming from the other way. We pulled up next to each other to see how the other one has been the last few days. It was nice getting to talk in person versus on the walkie talkies where we do most of our communicating.I'm still on the floor in the office and she's in the new hogan on the hill or a tent up there.

Continuity, Thursday filming was cancelled because there was no continuity. Scenes aren't necessarily filmed in order, much depends on the actor or actresses time schedule or even production people. Some fly in and others out so scenes are set around their schedules. It has to be maddening to whoever is trying to sort it out. So the first part of a scene had been filmed in nice weather on a nice day, so had the third part. Then as they are filming the second part 40 to 50 mile gusts of wind come up and they can't explain the lack of continuity so they cancelled filming and today was a day off. Most went to Moab. Linny took a bunch of them. She is the requested choice for Moab trips because she has so much experience with the pass and the road. Everyone is amazed at her driving skills getting in and out.

Now, a day of filming behind and with only six more days left at the lodge they're about a day and a half behind on filming. I thought Linny was about done with her scenes but I've seen posting about at least two more scenes. One she dies in. It's a tear jerker.

I did errands in town yesterday after dropping trash and one of the catering guys went with me. He buys a dark bandana to wear over his face for the dust, a dark cowboy hat which he pulls down so only his eyes are showing, and he's black. He comes out of Walker Drug looking like he just robbed the place with dark glasses on and says "I think they figured out I'm not from around here." On the drive back there are a few vehicles pulled over here and there and I pull over each time to see if they need help. They look at Ronnie and just wave me to keep going assuming they are about to get robbed. I'm explaining things to him about the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and he thinks I'm talking about Black Lives Matter.

It's almost midnight and I've still got to go pull the pumps and hoses from the pond and since we're a day and a half behind the next four days breakfast and casting call are at 4am and after make up they hope to have everybody in the fingers by 5 to 5:30am for 12 hours of filming each day.

I've got to admit I began this thinking most of them wouldn't have a work ethic but I was wrong. The director weeded out the crybabies in the beginning and he has a dedicated crew in every aspect.

I'm falling asleep over and over as I type this so I'm going to bed, or floor, or mattress, but to sleep for sure.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Linny Tuesday

The director had a bright yellow shirt on that was reflecting off the monitor which I didn't realize so I didn't get much of Linster during filming.


The booking sites ask me to give a review on everyone that has stayed here. With 10 to 20 reviews or more per week it's hard to remember some just a week later and generally I highlight what I remember of them. Guests leave the same reviews about Base Camp and occasionally it goes emotionally right to the heart.

“Tom, Thank you so much for guiding our days despite your busy movie schedule. We had several absolutely unforgettable hikes and adventures that we will never, ever forget. We hope we get the honor of coming back to visit in the years to come. You, Linny, and Kobae made a lasting impression on us. Every time we see the moon in the Kentucky night sky we will be wondering what ya'll are up to out there : ) Sweet ease, Allison & Andy”

Some Stuff

While the movie consumes most of our lives there are other things going on. Duke, the director and location manager's dog has been banned from the inside of the lodge because he eats everything. He was next door at catering a few days ago and the guys told me he was sitting on the couch watching TV when they walked in and immediately jumped off the couch and ran outside like he was in trouble. A little while later when they came back inside he was on the couch watching TV again and once more ran away. I mentioned it to Amy and she said "I hate that. All he does is watch TV. We put him outside and he watches through the windows.

We've been lucky on the snow melt with temps in the 70s for weeks. Yesterday went to 88, today 89, and then a couple more high 80s. If we're going to get flooded, this is the week.

Gee I hope Linny doesn't get spoiled from all this attention. As soon as her scene is over or they take a break there are people all over here catering to her every whim. During one of the breaks I went over in the shade and laid down to get some sleep and when I looked across the finger I saw this.

Then I heard one of them say "Why aren't we in the shade?" and they all moved over next to me.

I have to say Linny is hanging in there doing her work at the lodge, then going to shoot or working for the movie company on errands. Normally I sleep on the floor in the office and Linny either in a tent or the new hogan over the hill with some of the crew. It's tiring work.

It's been close to a month since I've seen a ringtail. I miss them.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Sunday in the Fingers (More Linny Scenes)

I'm having a little regret about showing them The Fingers. It's a special place. There are two ravens nest in there but neither one occupied this year. Still, it's where I go for complete quiet and the walkie's don't work in there.

The second finger is where I found my frienemy after the ravens killed him while I was actually looking for Kobae. I didn't show them how to get into the finger where my frienemy lived just because we had a deal and each agreed to not visit the other's property again.

They've been very careful about doing any damage to the place but when all is said and done the first good rain will eliminate any trace or track that anything ever happened here. So I'll get through this and then let Mother Nature do her cleansing.

Saturday in the Fingers

Linny "The Girl" is dead and the Native Americans are mourning. A few pictures before filming.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Birthday Evening

The movie people took everyone to town by boat and fed us at an upscale restaurant in celebration of Linny's birthday. It's hard to thank Brendan and Amy enough. They've been so good to both of us.
After the party was over a new crew member showed up and was interested in the boat ride back so I drove his car out and caught this view at the top of Hurrah.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

A Birthday Shooting Day

You remember your 16th birthday for awhile and then one day you don't. In this case I think Linny will forever. She was in the makeup chair at 1:10am and on site at 3:05am a mile or two away in The Fingers. Happy Birthday Linny.

This is funny. Linny didn't read the script for this scene. She knew all she had to do was walk up behind this guy and he'd run off. She didn't know what was going to be said.

Shooting: Day.....I'm Not Sure

One day breakfast is at 5:40am, the next day 2:30pm, and tomorrow it's at 10am. All depends on shooting times.

This is Pete, the axe murderer. He just got out of the makeup chair.
This is my best friend in the whole world Linny being transformed into a ghost.
This is the lady that does the magic working on a couple of axe neck wounds. This is the path to get to the finger canyons. Everybody has to get there this way, cast and "the talent".

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Shooting Day Six (The Fingers)

It's 11pm. Linny is sleeping. She has to be in the make up chair at 1:10am for her shoot at 3am. If we're lucky and things go well we'll be out of there between 4 and 5am. If not 6am is a real possibility. Was another long day. Linny cleaned a couple hogans for other guests coming in and then it was back to working for the movie people. I finished unloading wood and then had to drive people back to their car that two nights ago said they couldn't make it and walked five miles. Linny and I offered to go get their vehicle and drive it to the lodge but they said then they'd have to drive it out so we went and got their luggage. At 9:30 this morning I loaded another 20 something bags of trash in the truck. Stuffed the four hikers and a production guy in the vehicle and headed for town.
She has multiple stylish makeup belts.
Last night 14 pizzas were shipped in special delivery. Three or four of them didn't make it as Duke found them in Linny's room and ate the pizzas and boxes.

Shooting Day Five (The Fingers)

Today is the first of night shooting. Last night someone had a birthday and there was a party at the Condo going on when I drove by to turn the generator on at Last Hurrah. At the lodge there were several cast members hanging out and they had a dance party of sorts celebrating the death of the first person dying in the movie. "Better to get killed on a Wednesday then you can still be home by the weekend." "This is your last birthday party, you'll be dead tomorrow."

Because it's a night shooting most everyone slept in this morning. Breakfast was at 2:30pm, lunch came in a sack on location in the fingers and at 2:30am when the shoot is expected to wrap up there is a pizza party in the Last Hurrah garage and a driver drove out here and dropped off 14 pizzas.

This is Duke. The producer and location manager's dog, or he sort of was. With Jax gone he's moved into the office and sleeps on the couch since both of his parents are on the sets constantly. I feed him and give him water and he hangs with me when I go somewhere. He had the nerve to lay on the porch right next to Kobae like Jax use to do. Kobae stared af him and then walked off. Later as Kobae was getting ready to go down in his hole he looked over at the porch, saw Duke on the porch, diverted to the lodge, marched up the ramp and bit Duke while he was sleeping on the leg. Duke leaped up and ran in the lodge, to the office and up on the back of the couch where he sat for three hours. It's been sorted out who the lead dog is.
I went back to check on the location where they were set up in The Fingers

I had Linny cleaning the main house and a hogan for regular guests that were coming in and the rest of the time I'd see her shuttling people back and forth or hear her name on one of the two sets of walkies being called to be at location or pick somebody up. Briefly I'd pass her with a load of people while I was trying to catch up with demand and she had a smile on her face.

I checked the water at the houses next door and 3,000 gallons had shrunk to 600 gallons so I put the pump in the pond and started putting water in the holding tanks dropping appropriate amounts of chlorine in at the same time. Moments later I was informed the washer wasn't working for cast, crew, and Linny in the garage. Checking the gauge 1,000 gallons of water in there on Saturday was gone so I'm alternating the pump back and forth to keep up with laundry.
Being in The Fingers at night can be spooky by itself but tonight a storm is gathering and things could go bad. While I'm at the highest point on the property while pumping water I'm watching the horizon for any sign of getting on the walkie to tell everyone to get out.