Thursday, February 13, 2020

Main House Ringtail

The generator at the lodge hasn't run for about a month. It says Delayed Crank. I never found a generator guy in Moab so I called one in Grand Junction. I told them I didn't need it until March but if somebody was coming this way to swing by. Tuesday evening a guy called and said he'd be in Moab tomorrow on a generator job but he'd be done by noon or so. I told him I'd go do errands in the morning and he could follow me out. I did and he did and all is good now.

On Thursday morning Jax and I headed over to Last Hurrah to unload the wood I had picked up in town on Wednesday. I pulled out a couple armfuls and then noticed Jax staring at me. I stared back. He ran towards the porch of the Main House. I just kept watching him and he ran back to me again and then ran back to the porch so I followed him. He went over to the same trash can we found the ringtail in a couple days ago and stood up with his front legs on it and started whining.
I set the trash can up on the ledge where I was unloading wood so it was six feet or so off the ground and then opened the lid. Jax kept crying that he couldn't get at the ringtail but mostly he knew it was up there somewhere but I don't think he saw it. I tried to distract him with the duck but he still hasn't seen it.

I'd unload some more wood and then come back and check on the ringtail while Jax kept walking around the house trying to find it. On my third trip back to check it was gone. I ask Jax where the ringtail went and he ran down by the pond and sniffed a hole in the bottom of the rock wall and started crying again so I guess we know where it lives now.

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