Monday, June 18, 2018


I'm cleaning the main house at Last Hurrah for guests checking in tomorrow. For just a few moments I got to look around and see the last rays of sunlight bouncing off various formations in the distance and it was nice, it was quiet, the bullfrogs hadn't begun their nightly song at the pond, it was the way it's suppose to be.

Monday Morning

Jax and I headed off to do Stairway to Heaven and then the big horn trail under the Anti-Cline but when we got to Stairway it was covered with a fine dust making it a little too slippery for my liking and particularly by myself so we took a climb Linny and I found ten years ago and an alternate to Stairway, sort of a Stairway Two. The Moenkopi is always difficult to hike in and especially climb. It wears in overhangs. Sometimes you can get up overhangs but getting down is not easy. Today we got up a ledge that broke under us preventing a way back down and then it got dicey. I'm not a fan of dicey anymore. I lifted Jax up several ledges and then dragged myself up them. The last one was chance. It looked solid and I tested it with half weight, three quarters weight, four fifths weight and finally made the commitment. There's just that brief moment going over the top that I'm just not sure the Moenkopi is going to hold me. Inching my way over the top to safety I could hear my heart pounding as I lay there trying to catch my breath. No more of that. Jax whimpered I was going to leave him and risking it all again I got about half way back down to him and then he just blew by me like there was nothing to it. Turkey.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


Jax and I hiked up to Hurrah Pass and back in the morning, took guests over to Hurrah in the afternoon and got a call around 6pm that there were four people stranded out past the Wind Caves needing help.
Not the deepest I've ever seen anybody buried in sand but overall a pretty good job. It took nearly two hours to get them out of the creek bed. This is after the dig out and they didn't have four wheel drive.

Friday Drive Out

On Friday morning Jax and I went up Hurrah to drive a vehicle out for a guest but they made it just fine on their own following us. Later that morning we went back up again to drive Taylor's Toyoto Corolla out. Somewhere there's video but it took four attempts to get over the top. Taylor, in the future when I tell you, you need six inches of ground clearance I don't mean two inches in the front, two inches in the back, and two inches on the side.

Thursday Evening

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Jax: Parking Lot Patrol

Wednesday Evening

I walked down to the river to see how much beach was back and caught this shot.