Friday, November 28, 2014

Mama They're Crazy: Turkey Boogey

First, they're all crazy. There were 100 plus jumps yesterday and I've taken the best or most interesting 15 but they take forever to load and it will be the rest of the day at least to get the rest posted. Second, the guy running the thing, Matt, should be hosting a comedy reality show. Third, the dog up on the road that is constantly barking belongs to a deaf guy that keeps jumping off the Tombstones and nobody has the heart to tell him how irritating 3 straight hours of barking is.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Something Going On

The Nightly Ritual: Crazy Stuff

It's fun to watch the ring tails as they become more familiar with myself and guests. One in particular has twice snatched the hot dog off the stick by sitting right outside the door before I can even get the camera ready. Much like their mother who I haven't seen in awhile we are becoming friends. With Kitty she eventually would come in the kitchen to get her hot dog and in time would take it out of my hand so I figured that was the order of progression it would happen with the kids but I didn't know it would all happen in one night.