Monday, August 22, 2016

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Raccoons

With nine raccoons trying to eat out of the Kit & Kaboodle bowl all at the same time it's bedlam and a few arguments here and there. For the last week one parent has brought up three or four of them around midnight and the other parent has brought the rest up around 4am. However the last two nights the seven babies have come up by themselves. The parents have figured out how to take a break.

The Skunks

The two babies are crazy. With fox all over the porch they run right into them sending them scattering in every direction. I thought the fox would make quick work of them but even when the fox are eating out of the bowel they are always looking around for the skunks and when they come the fox retreat. It's weird.

The Ringtails

Mama and the three babies as well as a couple other random ringtails show up every night. The babies are still crazy running all through the rafters chasing each other and I hear them rolling around on the roof. The foxes don't seem to be interested.