Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Base Camp

Tuesday Hike

With Kobae's time left at Base Camp down to around a week he's milking the hiking as much as he can. Today we head out to the Wind Caves and back with some sidetracking so probably about a six mile day. Kobae finds a little shade on the way back and makes a bunch more. After an hour and a half nap we hike back to Base Camp.

Congrats to AmeriCorps

I've told people for years to stay on the trail but no matter what, some don't. BLM rarely even prosecutes them anymore. The judges almost always want to have video evidence and even with gives them probation. AmeriCorps is now putting up fences at the most abused locations. Sad it has to come to this.


The Creek

It was only a few months ago that to cross this creek bed required a one foot step down, a couple feet across, and a foot step up. After the 4th massive rain of September I walked this creek bed looking for my gate all the way down to the river and couldn't find it. After the 5th massive rain it showed up again.

Living on the Edge (Always)

Saturday, October 18, 2014