Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Tuesday Morning

Winter is not quite done with Base Camp yet. In fairness to the weather people it didn't say partly cloudy this time. It said 20% chance of sleet.

Breakfast at Tiffanys 2 (White-tailed/House Finch)

Here's a couple videos of the white-tailed antelope squirrels eating sunflower seeds. Some have been doing it for a while and others are a little clumsy.

Two videos of house finches eating sunflower seeds and even with no hands the pros can pick up a seed, crack it as their head is moving up, swallow the seed, spit out the shell, and pick up the next one is about three seconds.

Breakfast at Tiffanys #2

At the second feeding location, under the deceased cottonwood tree, there was a slight depression that something had dug out and I stuck the GoPro there. There are a lot of videos but since I took these on Monday it's snowed considerably and I'm socked in with cloud cover way slowing down the processing time of the videos. Just putting these four on took four hours so I'm limiting it to the Red-winged blackbirds. They are so nervous all the time but in fairness I've never seen a hawk take one or found the remains of one taken by a hawk. I'll do the others another time. I enlarged the videos to watch them better. If the arrow is not center the video won't be either. I can't figure out why some of them aren't centered. If that's the case better to click on the videos name or number.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Breakfast at Tiffanys #1

Some Stuff

I'm walking by the Jeep taking stuff out to the garage and thinking I must have four flat tires it's setting so low to the ground. Then I remembered I left a month worth of sunflower and bird seed in the back when I was in a hurry to turn around and go drop off the truck and get the side by side.
Just Venus for planets shines in the night sky and it will light it up all the way deep into Spring. Jupiter is already coming up in the early morning despite having just disappeared a month or so ago but between the Anti Cline and Hurrah Pass I can't yet see it. There are a lot of stars though with no competition from light. I've pulled all the solar lights down throughout the property and will just hand out head lamps if folks need them. I bought 40 something for the movie people and go almost all of them back.
Was a little spooky last night. I walked outside just after dark to throw some hot dogs to the parking lot and put the bowl out in Kobae's yard for the foxes, put a few in the rafters for the ringtails, others under the porch for the skunks, and two in each bowl on the porch for the raccoons. After I had gotten all 30 of them distributed I came out a little later when it was completely dark threw some more out and just as I turned to go back in I saw a twinkle above the wood pile over by the fire pit. I looked at it longer and it was two sets of eyes, one right above the other. they seemed to be coming from the same face, not one above the other. I thought maybe my eyes were just messed up from staring at the computer screen all day but looking to my left I saw a fox come up the parking lot and just one set of eyes. I looked back over by the woodpile and the face had two sets of yellow eyes one above the other. In theory ringtail or raccoon since the eyes were yellow but that's all I know.
I have a new ringtail. It's so cute. I hear one of the other three, or maybe two of them, chasing it around sometimes at night across the roof and hissing at it, I think trying to drive it off so they don't have to share the hot dogs but it's the first one here each night. Just like all the others in their early days here when I'd put the hot dog on a marshmellow stick and put it up by them it would run away but I saw it a couple nights watching the other calmly take hot dogs off the stick and it's getting better. Still it snatches the hot dog off the stick like it might go away all of a sudden.

Friday, January 17, 2020

I Got a Letter from Will

About a year ago on the blog I told a story. A story about my friend Will Lutz. Here is is.

When I was in town yesterday I picked up my mail at the post office. There was a letter from Will. I kept trying to understand while I was driving back. I just kept staring at the envelope.

When I got back I put it on the table and brought everything in from the Jeep. It's been a little over a year since Will passed. I opened it and there was a note from Carol, Will's mom, and a card from Will.

Hello Tom:

When Will and I were traveling back and forth to the hospital at this time last year he said he wanted to write letters to special people in Let's Play, to tell them how much he loved this company and working with all of them. He said "Mom, you bring your laptop and I'll tell you what to say and you can clean it up and make it sound good. If I make it through this, I can save them until next Christmas and send them then. If I don't you can send them for me."

We made a list and he told me what he wanted to tell you and I brought my laptop the night before he was scheduled for his second surgery but after awhile he was too exhausted and said he would finish them tomorrow....his tomorrow never came....And now Christmas is here, so I am sending you this little gift to remember Will and to tell you what he said."

I opened Will's card.


Thank you. I know you had your doubts about me but you gave me the opportunity and challenged me to become one of your super hero managers. I know Base Camp changed your life but I wanted you to know that it changed mine as well. I regret not being able to visit you one more time before all this but hope to see you when it is over.


Definition: 95% chance of snow

You know what partly cloudy looks like. It's white and is usually three to six inches deep on my porch.

Here's what 95% chance of snow looks like. Maybe it's in that cloud over by Dead Horse Point?

After a couple days of above freezing weather here's how many boots you can pack with mud and spend 30 minutes on the porch cleaning.