Thursday, June 13, 2019

The River Cometh More

I remember ten or so years ago when the river flooded the property next door by the garage. There were multiple people out working for Doug building berms and putting a pump in the grease pit. There was panic everywhere. I've been spending a lot of time reading charts and graphs for water run off and snow melt dreading the same problem. Each day I've watched the progression at the boat house and have seen the river climb the stairs one at a time day after day.

At this web site I've been watching the water CFS at three locations. CFS is cubic feet per second.

On the Colorado border it might show 34,000 and then at Cisco it would show 38,000 as the Delores River would join the Colorado River there carrying 4,000 or so CFS. So I'd expect 38,000 CFS to come to me 8 to 12 hours later. But once it went over 34,000 CFS at Cisco it didn't match up with 4,000 more CFS for the Pot Ash Boat Ramp three miles up river. It might only be a couple thousand more. I finally realized it was because a big chunk of that extra 4,000 CFS was flooding other properties up river from me and not making it to me. Somebody else was taking the bullet for me up river.

The river flooded onto the property somewhere south of the boat house at 35,600 CFS and topped out at 36,000 CFS later in the evening. 1 CFS is a block of water one foot high and one foot wide which equals about 7.48 gallons going by every second per 1 CFS. At the peak of 36,000 CFS were going by which is 269,200 gallons per second. I'd estimate the beach is currently about 12 to 15 feet under water.
Going over to change out laundry in the garage washer and dryer I saw the river spreading out across the property. It finally happened. It felt like a foreign intruder on the property. Was late at night and just me. Nothing I can do about it. I'll check it again in the morning and see if I need to turn the grease pit pump on to drain it.
With morning it had covered quite a bit of acreage but in short, nothing happened. Later in the day I saw all the water levels dropping from here to the Colorado border and as of a few minutes ago it was down from it's peak of 36,000 to 31,800. In retrospect I have no idea what I was so worried about the river flooding. It watered a bunch of weeds but I can't see anything else that will make a difference, perhaps a few more mosquitoes.

Monday, June 10, 2019

The River Cometh

This is the bottom of the hill a couple days ago when it was at the top of the stairs and two days ago I went down there and the kayaks where they normally stay were in water so I pulled them up the side of the hill.

Three days ago the river was at the top of the boat ramp. Today I had to drive through 50 feet of water to get to it.
The progression of the water creep next to the boat house.

The stairs over the last few days leading what use to be down to the boat dock and now it's just about even with the boat house. Three more stairs. As I go to bed tonight it's two inches from coming over the top next to the boat house. I expect to see water all across the property in the morning.

The concern is it will get to the garage and flood the grease pit coming up into the garage. The garage itself has a berm around it and I think it will hold but there's still a ways to get to the garage.

The big picture.

Just a Few Pictures While Wandering Around

Friday, June 7, 2019

Horror in Moab

The reporter called me and ask me how to spell Linny's last name and then butchered mine.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Different Kinds of Stuff

The Desert Willow always, always, blooms between May 10th and 14th. This year it didn't bloom until the movie people left on the 24th.
The Cottonwood tree sprouted leaves on four or five branches around the 10th of May and I forgot to water it for five or so days and it gave up. I watered it hard for the last three weeks and went online to see what other options I had and it said to dig a trench around it five feet from the base as that's where the roots are now with it's height but it never forgave me and didn't make a comeback. Today I quit watering it. It's had a hard divot down it for a couple of years and despite an incredibly wet year it just quit. I've been told that the roots go as deep as the height and it that's true it probably has hit the well water which is salty and drank itself to death with the salt content and no amount of rain water is going to compensate for that. I'm going to leave it up at least for awhile as it's a good view point for the birds to watch for predators.
The river is crazy. Just when I assumed I'd made it through the flood stage it's risen five feet in the last 24 hours. While the snow pack is half of what it was it's still 554% above last year at this same time and now we have three to four more days of mid 90s temps to melt what's left. This morning the water is about six feet from flood stage.

Miscellaneous, or an Alex, or a Chris for sure.

Not sure where these pictures came from, probably one of the Alex, or for sure when Chris from Family Guy came up and everybody started calling each other Chris.

Stephanie called a week ago Sunday to say Hi. Said she was driving around Los Angeles in her car, like thousands of other cars. How was Base Camp?

It's Tuesday and I took a day off. I fed critters, cleaned and organized some, not much, caught up paperwork, and watched some inspirational youtube stuff to re-energize. Years ago when I worked so many hours for Let's Play for some many years one day I was just done and collided with the wall. This time I could feel it coming so I'm taking my time for a little while and making sure it doesn't happen again. I have three months of slow. I'm going to take advantage of it.

Saturday, June 1, 2019


Elaine has stayed here a couple times. She's quiet, keeps to herself, seems a bit shy. A few days ago she sent me an email she'd written a small piece about Base Camp and hoped it was ok. I finally got to read it this morning. Ok? It's incredible. What I learned was that this staying in the shadows and quiet woman that visits occasionally is as good a writer and photographer as anyone I've ever met and or probably will. I teared up reading it.

I'm from Utah, went to California, found out it was a mistake, and moved back. Everything else is 100% accurate and wonderfully worded. If I were to write about the place myself I couldn't do half the job she did. Thank you Elaine.