Monday, December 22, 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

Nightly Ritual

There are three now in the evenings. Two have their usual place in the rafters and even the shy one is no longer shy, twice having snatched the hot dog right as I open the kitchen door. There is a third that runs no matter what and has yet to receive a stick fed hot dog. The more aggressive of the two that has is only hot dogs and will accept nothing else. This is over two nights.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cometh the Hawk, Saveth the House Finch

I saw the hawk coming in low over the hogans out the office window. White-taileds sound the alarm, bird chirping velocity picked up, and all the little people took flight or headed deep into the bushes. As I opened the front door the hawk veered off towards the river and as I walked down the porch to make sure it really left I saw a small female house finch sitting on the porch with a bloodied mouth. Despite how much reflective tape I put on the windows occasionally one still glances off it only sorting it out just before impact. My pattern which has been pretty successful so far though fortunately it rarely occurs anymore is to cup them in my hands and then to bring them in the office to warm up. Generally after 30 to 90 minutes they will start to move their head around and that is the big sign that they're probably going to be all right.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Not The Nightly Ritual: Surprise

Amasa Back: Day Twenty One More Pics

Amasa Back: (An odd Day Twenty One)

Having found the dinosaur tracks last time up Amasa Back and seeing how faint they were I knew an area on the Upper Captain Ahab that was similar and decided to spend the day there. It appeared promising. There was plenty of like geology where I'd found the last tracks and the tracks that I have on the Base Camp property. While they all looked like they had the potential for tracks I rarely found what appeared to be three toes and when I did I couldn't find a track anywhere around it that had been the other foot or the step before or after so unlikely. The hardest part was all the landscape was the same and for awhile I wasn't sure where I was. Then I found this. I called it the Brickyard and started finding my direction around where the Brickyard was using it as my reference point. Then I found this area about 100 feet long where all the rocks were white. Then I come across an area full of rocks piled on top of each other which I started calling Stonehenge. Now I've got some landmarks to work with while looking for the dino footprints. However, there's a new element. Though I haven't heard or seen any signs of people the whole day something or somebody is following me. I've heard slight noises behind me several times but never saw anyone. So in my search I'm doing circles where I can come back in on my previous trail. To make the odd day nearly complete I find a black rock. If you scrape the rock even slightly, it changes color. It's as if the whole rock got was dipped in something but just the shallowest fluid clung to it. Underneath you can see the color change. This is my track just now coming on my tracks earlier in the day which are being followed by a pad, four toes, and toe nails. That narrows it down to five critters. Red fox, we don't have any. Gray fox, but the back foot would be stepping in the front foot and that didn't happen. Wolf, we don't have any. Coyote, too small and pad not shaped right. Dog. One of the cattle dogs is following me without being seen. This track is fresh. There are tracks from a few days ago and tracks from longer than a week ago. It lives here.