Sunday, March 19, 2017


Jax and I are searching behind Last Hurrah for the big horn that we haven't seen in four or five days. Lots of tracks and lots of scat but no physical presence that we can find. With guests checking in and more checking out it's time to return to the lodge. As we exit the last canyon to hit the road on our return I look back one more time just in case and there, far in the distance, silhouetted high on a rock is a lone sentry. They were watching us the whole time.

Morning Coffee

I don't drink coffee, but I do drink the morning. I don't read the paper but I do read the print. As the paper tells of yesterdays events, the sand tells me of last nights events. The stinkbugs were busy and appeared to cross paths. The kangaroo rats abound. There were white-tailed antelope squirrels going about their business early this morning and in breaking news live and up to the second the last picture tells me there's a little white (and red) desert dog in front of me. Yes, I'm that good.

Saturday Evening