Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday: 30% Chance of Showers

and an occasional thunderstorm.

The Crazy One

Two weeks ago Tom took the air conditioners out because the forecast as far as he could see didn't get over 80. Last week with temps in the 90s he put them back in, and Monday showing not even getting to 70 today and few 80's in the future took them back out. Today with temps in the 60s Kobae wanted to go hiking so for five hours all he did was go around and find every new swamp that had been created and wade in to see how deep and muddy it was.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday and Guess What.....

I checked the driveway this Monday morning and it was damaged but survivable. I went back and forth in the truck over and over making a path for arriving guests to follow. Around 1pm guests called to say they were leaving Moab. Twenty minutes later all "hail" broke loose. Not very big hail, but hail. I quickly called them back to tell them not to come but it went straight to voice mail which means they don't have service and are on their way. I was hoping they would get through Kane Creek before the flood got there. It can be raining while you are going through the creek bed and you can be all right. The waters take awhile to get to the road crossing. Most people spend a little over an hour to get here but at 2pm they hadn't arrived and at 2:30pm I hadn't seen them come over Hurrah Pass. Time to go look for them. At 2:40 I start down the driveway. It hasn't rained in an hour. The drive way is still flooded. While that is probably navigable I'm still a little weary from getting Last Hurrah's side by side stuck in there a couple weeks before so decide to wait half an hour. At 3pm I'm just gathering up my stuff, couple pair of water shoes, Go Pro camera, two walking sticks, tow straps, bunji cords, two pair of dry clothes, five towels, lots of mosquito repellent, energy bars, and three canteens of water in case I wind up getting trapped somewhere and spend the night. As I start to take everything out to the truck the guests pull up in a pretty muddy SUV. They got stuck half way down Hurrah but were ok everywhere else.

Sunday Night Still Raining

Around 6pm I took the truck and drove out to where the sign use to be and the driveway was still passable. Beat up some more but still alive. I let Kobae out around noon and he walked part way down the driveway and then just stood there for a couple minutes, then turned around, came back and hung out in the lodge and then went to sleep in the laundry room for only the second time since March. By 6:30pm the sky had darkened and just a few minutes later it was on us again.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cometh the Rain, Again (We're Screwed, Again)

I saw the forecast. It's coming. Guests checking out on Sunday left on Saturday to play it safe. Still, it was a beautiful day. Kobae is hiking around his fence trying to find a way out. I look up at the sky, probably time for a couple hour hike. Don't see anything menacing. We're over in the dead end canyon at the bottom of the sand hill so Kobae can try to exercise the demons in his head by climbing his own sand hill and Johnny from Caveman Ranch calls on the walkie talkie. "I don't know where you are but ugly is coming over the Anti Cline and you probably can't see it from where you are." I look up and it's not just ugly, ugly brought the stick along that makes more uglies. Not to be confused with bumping uglies. Time to turn Kobae around and try and get through the creeks before they flood. Five minutes later it's clear we're not going to make it and the lightning is too intense to be anywhere but low in a creek. I try and get Kobae to pull over and take shelter and he thinks about it a couple times but keeps going. I've brought lots of rain gear so as long as I can stay up against a creek bank I'm probably clear of lightning. Probably. Right there is where the camera battery went dead. The rain came hard. As we walk around a bend in the pouring rain there are three vehicles pulled over and the people taking shelter. With everyone else in shelter Kobae and I are walking down the road getting buried. They want to know where there is better shelter. I ask to borrow one of the ATVs and for them to watch Kobae. I'll be back in ten minutes with the truck, pick up Kobae, and they can follow me back to the lodge. When we get to the lodge there are two side by sides there already with four more people under the porches. For the next hour the Base Camp driveway is flooded again and everybody is briefly stuck here. In time as the creek goes down I drive to the front gate to see if it's passable. Come back and get everyone and then follow them out to make sure no one gets stuck. Then I found the spare battery for the camera so this is well after the drive way has gone down. During the night it has rained very hard and I'm guessing the bottom of the hill is gone and the driveway going up to where the sign was is probably gone also.

We Are Gathered Here (It's In His Head)

Friday, September 26, 2014


On today's hike, Kobae found shade but at an angle and he couldn't quite find the position to get comfortable.