Saturday, August 18, 2018

Look Where I Live

When Jax is here I'll hike and when he's not I'll trials bike so this morning I'm off for an hour loop around Jackson Hole. I haven't seen the big horn nursery in a couple weeks but I come across their tracks out in Jackson so they're close by and I doubt they'll be gone long. After I pass by the abandoned oil well and start up the hill before descending into Jackson Hole it hits me how stunning the landscape is. I'm the only one out here this morning, no traffic, nobody going off the trails, or weekend warriors kicking up dust and throttling up and down to hear their own automotive voice.

Just three days of not leaving the property was enough to let me see things through a clear eye again. It use to bother me when people would say "You're so lucky." To them is was as if I just woke up one day and I was here. They had no idea of the plus 100 hour weeks for 20 years and total of seven days off. No idea of the financial risk putting everything on the line again and again to make a very successful business that allowed me to move out here. No idea of the 15 years off and on of driving around in the boonies to find a place that was special but hadn't reached it's potential quite yet.

But now, on this morning, Saturday, August 18th, stopping to look around me at the mouth to Jackson Hole where the Jackson family tended cows for so many years..... I feel lucky.

I am lucky. I won life's biggest lottery being born in America. The work effort was mine but the country provided me the opportunity. That I'll never forget.


Linda, Heather, Ze, and grand kids showed up for three plus days and I hung out here the whole time. No hiking, climbing, or dirt biking. Was nice. The beach was occupied nearly all the time with fishing, swimming, sunning, and kayaking.

On Friday it was departure time. Linny took a wounded side by side into town to be worked on while I took the truck and family their vehicle. Nice day on Hurrah.
Dropping the Kymco off at at Mad Bro was time for family to say good by to Linny, and then Heather ask for a family photo. Jake the official parking lot dog at Mad Bro came over and pushed his way into the photo.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Couple of weird nights. Two nights ago I walk outside and there are five foxes waiting for a hot dog, two ringtails, a skunk and a bunch of baby raccoons. I'm putting food down and feeding everybody and it's a nice night and then somewhere off in the darkness I hear what sounds almost like a train coming. It's out by the Base Camp sign but it's coming this way. I've been through these before and they have completely torn the porch roof off in previous times and sent it out on vacation. I think it's complete now. Every porch roof has been replaced but in fairness they weren't nailed down that well originally.

I put water containers up against all the trash cans and bunjis over the tops. I run inside and close the back door so the mini tornado doesn't pull everything out of the lodge. Just as I get to the front door the violent wind hits. I have to put all my weight against it but it closes and then things get tossed around for three or four minutes. Then it's over.

I walk back outside and the porch is still there, and the roof. The food and water bowls are gone so I'm off finding and replacing them and the rest of the night is wonderful. There was a 15 minutes or so lull while the little people all compose themselves and then it's back to the porches for everyone.

In the morning I find a big cross beam lying on the side of the front porch and when I look up I see just how close the roof was to leaving on permanent vacation.

Three nights ago guests call and say that the road from Denver was closed for a rock fall and they won't get here until 11pm so Linny and I head out to meet them at the bottom of Hurrah and immediately after we do they get stuck coming up the hill in the dark. I send the driver up to the truck to come down with Linny and I drive it up and down Hurrah to the hogans. The following morning they go right back out to Arches. I don't know.

I thought we were almost out of Colorado Chipmunks but I stuck the GoPro by the back water bowl and this is two of the 20 or so occasions where Colorado Chipmunks came to the bowl over two hours.

The smoke was about cleared out but a big fire is blazing south of Salt Lake on Hwy 6 and the road from Salt Lake to Price is closed.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Thursday Sunset and Stuff

It's a little scary. Things are going pretty well. Other than the mountain of weeds at Last Hurrah and in the pond we're catching up on stuff that needed to be done. There are virtually no hawks and few ravens to prey on the songbirds. Even with Jax gone for a week few rock squirrels venture on the porch and the only vehicle that has been hit is Linny's Jeep with wires chewed and it wasn't parked out where Jax patrols though we might start if and when he returns.
Haven't see the Big Horn in a couple of weeks but there are Mule deer everywhere on the property. Walking outside at dark the Gray fox are lined up four to six deep usually waiting for hot dogs. 30 and 40 hot dogs night are the norm again. The baby skunks are still hilarious. They love their hot dogs they are so small they just aren't very good at carrying them around on the porch. Ringtails are between one and three most nights. There are two families of raccoon babies showing up. Probably ten or so total of them.
Linny is returning to school in Salt Lake middle of September and I truly wouldn't have made it without her the last four or so months so got to find a replacement as bookings for September plus two weddings are really going to stretch the resources and I can't do it by myself and one of the best parts of living out here is Kobae will start hiking here in the next few weeks or so and I really enjoy going with him so a good person to help is going to be a necessity if I'm going to be able to spend some time with Kobster before he returns to San Diego for the winter. Something will happen.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thursday Ride: Lockhart Basin

Linny and I took one side by side into town to be worked on and brought the truck back full of fire wood so the day was spent mostly on errands and distributing firewood to the six different fire pit locations on the property. It's the weeding I'm dreading. In the evening while feeding Kobae and later hanging with the little people there was ash coming from the sky. It's crazy. The nearest real fire is 150 miles away but I think it was around 100,000 acres but is 95% contained so a bit hard to figure out the ash.

I woke at 6am this morning thinking how eerie it must look down Lockhart Basin with the smoke so I gassed up the trials bike and headed down Lockhart to The Gap.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Monday Ride: Chicken Corner

With Erich back in San Diego, Jax in Provo, and Linny still a teenager unaware that not only is there a 6 o'clock in the evening but there's also one in the morning, I'm out of partners to hike with so it's trials riding time.

Designated Driver

Three or four times a week guests ask me if I can drive their vehicle up the last hundred or so feet of Hurrah Pass which is beat up a little.