Sunday, September 23, 2018

Saturday Netherlands

Jax and I take a couple of guests from the Netherlands out hiking with us. Apparently there isn't a lot of this type of landscape there.

Kobae Does the Beach


On Friday morning Jax and I are headed out on our morning hike and we're not too far down the trail when Jax alerts to something ahead. Then his nose goes to the ground and he's off. I figure it's deer since there are tracks everywhere and while I'm trying to calm him down he's getting more excited. Then he takes off running.

I hear a woman's voice "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." I round the corner and Jax is licking her face. She's camped right by the tee on Hole #11 of the disc golf course. She's nervous she's trespassing but to me she has walking sticks so she's a Hayduker or Discoverer. Hayduke she says, trail name Scratch, but she's turning back. She went further last night and missed the lodge but there was ash in the air and she didn't know what that meant for her future ahead. She said the Hayduke is not really a trail. It's more navigating washes and canyons than it is following a trail. She feels like she's not prepared or ready for an adventure like this. I give her directions just another quarter of a mile to the lodge to fill up on water and she's going to hike back Jackson Hole way so not likely we'll see her again.

Jax and I continue our hike.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Wednesday Evening

Wednesday Kobae Hike

My Heart is Broken

I've been dreading this day for a long time. Linny left to go back to Salt Lake for school and to prepare of her 15th birthday party. How amazing it has been having her here with just the two of us running the place and all the rescues off the property. I've owned a lot of things and had a lot of good folks work for and with me over the years but there was some real magic here. Like we read each other's minds. I shall miss her greatly.

Highway 6 from Price to Provo was closed because of fires so I had to drive 70 and then cut through to Scipio. Linny's mom met us there and save me another three to four hours of round trip driving. I got an hour's sleep at Spotted Wolf viewpoint in The Maize and another hour in the Amasa Back parking lot. The stars were amazing.

Left at sunset and got back at sunrise.

Skinny People

On Tuesday morning Jax, Julie (guest), and I hiked Land of the Skinny People.