Thursday, October 1, 2015


Hiking With Kobae

Kobae Learned How to Read

After 50 plus failed attempts over the years trying to fit through the gate, one of two things happened today. Kobae finally figured out that just because his head fits between the gate it does not mean that the rest of him can, or, he learned how to read.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Red Moon 13 Hot Dog Night

It's not even dark when the rafters come alive. Then came the moon eclipse and all the little people from the river disappeared. It was spooky for all of us. Roughly four hours later everyone was back and it was busy. The twins showed up first. I'd been trying to feed the shy one who enjoys hiding from the hot dog when a baby skunk showed up. When the baby skunks try to run with the hot dogs length wise in their mouths they keep tripping over them. Tonight one of them figured out a new method. Then the shy one shows up again and it takes two attempts to get it the whole hot dog. Once it's taken a bite out of it, it won't take the hot dog. It doesn't know what it smells like yet so when it smells itself on the bite at the end of the hot dog it's done with it. I have to retrieve it, turn the hot dog around and then serve it to the shy one. The night finishes with a back stair hand off.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Day

Two guys show up saying their friends are paddle boarding from town and they need a place to exit the river. I tell them they can use the beach and they sit down there for a couple hours until their friends. Somebody has decorated the sand bar. Jamie, a guest, has taken a chair to the far end of the island and says a big chunk of the beach where I sit fell off and washed away today. On our hike Kobae has found shade for him. Shade for me is my problem.

Hurrah Morning