Friday, April 19, 2019

You Know, Just Stuff

Kobae knows when he's had too many watery foods and to keep from getting the runs he'll road the yard and eat dry foods for awhile.
Guests got most of the way here in the dark but then got nervous and walked down Hurrah. In the morning Jax and I hiked up and got the Escalade and drove it down for them.
Hiked out to Skinny People and Thousand Eyes with some guests.

LT CooCoo Bird, Bruce, showed up doing the Hayduke.
Woke up, drove the Cadillac up and down the other side of departing guests.
Then the moon snuck up on us.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Three Things

River rose 14 inches in the last 22 hours and you can kayak around the island again for the first time since late last year.
Spring is here. Everyone parks their vehicles facing towards the office window with the hood locks sprung so that Jax can watch the parking lot from the office window in case a rock squirrel gets up inside an engine and tries to eat the starter and or spark plug wires which are many times made of vegetable derivatives.
Sucks to be you trying to get out of the entrance to the finger canyons in the dark while the ghosts of the past are trying to kill you.

Getting Closer to Movie Time

Amy, the location manager for the movie came by Sunday and had Jim Ryan from town bring this in for her. Despite taking most everything we have they are still three on site rooms short, make that two. They said they enjoyed the looks on peoples faces when they went by while coming down Hurrah Pass asking if this was the right way to the KOA Kampground.


On Thursday three guys magically showed up in the back yard. Haydukers who had come in by pack rafts. Isiah, Cory, and Dave hung for the day playing disc golf and then one of them got sick and felt too weak for the hike to Needles. On Saturday morning they had decided to put air back in the pack rafts and take the river to Lockhart Canyon and cut their 45 mile hike to Needles almost in half.

On Sunday two Haydukers, Kieren and Andrew, from New Zealand came through and the count is now 18 Haydukers this year. You come through later than this and you're going to have to do 20 plus miles per day to miss summer in the Grand Canyon. Not the easiest of hiking places.

The River

On Tuesday Jax and I were hiking with guests up on the cliffs and I said "By the end of the month my beach will be gone." Two days later it was.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Twenty Feet of Pipe

To hook up the propane dryer in the garage next door and to put another row of solar panels on the roof there was a need for long PBC piping and metal piping. They were all cut to ten feet or so and fit comfortably in the back of the truck just sticking out four feet or so. There was one twenty footer. I could have stuck it next to the steering wheel and out the back window resting on the tail gate, but then I would have had to hole it with one hand while driving up and down Hurrah so instead, thought maybe hard to see, it's resting on the right side view mirror and then strapped onto the bed of the truck just stick out a foot or so in each direction.

Return of the Turkeys

It's been a year or so since I last saw them and there were only two of them, this time three. I was looking out the window watching the songbirds and then they all left and there was a strange kind of new song.