Thursday, February 6, 2020

I Know That Turd

Tuesday was cold. High of 27, low of 10, wind of 30 or so. Jax and I got a little hiking in to Last Hurrah to turn the water off since I don't have any guests there for awhile. When we got back and not long before dark I went out to fill up the Kit&Kaboodle bowl in Kobae's pen that the foxes use, and lately the ravens, if there's anything left in the morning. I could see from the side while approaching the bowl that it was still full of food which is pretty unusual. When I got to it there was a gooey turd laying on top of the Kit&Kaboodle and no foxes or ravens had eaten out of the bowl. Kobae probably would have but he's not here. I've had an issue with a fox peeing in it before, I assumed to show it's disappointment that the bowl was empty but nothing has ever pooped in it before. I picked up the bowl to empty the turd into a nearby bush and as it fell out of the bowl I realized I knew that turd and had seen it's relatives hundreds of times. It was Jax's turd. Jax pooped in the bowl. He's probably the one been peeing in it too cause it hadn't happened in a couple months and started again when he got back. He was such a nice dog when he got here. Now he has issues and attitude like everything else out here.
Wednesday was better. Got into the 30s  with little wind so we hiked over to the Wind Caves and back.

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